Perfect Secret Santa tips to share with your office


The annual Secret Santa event can be almost as stressful as buying gifts for your loved ones as you rack your brains trying to pick the ideal present for your work colleague. Share these tips with your team to make it that little bit easier for everyone:

  • Don’t force participation. Not everyone may want to join in for personal reasons.

  • Do set a reasonable price limit that everyone can afford.

  • Don’t overspend or underspend. You don’t want be a show-off or a Scrooge!

  • Do some research on your recipient and ask colleagues what they like.

  • Do stick to generic gifts.

  • Do thank your gift giver if you know who they are.

  • Don’t gossip to colleagues if you hate your gift. It’s supposed to be a fun activity!

If you’re struggling with Secret Santa gift ideas check out these companies who all have a great selection of gifts at various prices.

If you’re looking for something a bit different try these charity gift sites:

And if the whole Secret Santa event is just too much to contemplate, how about suggesting to the office that everyone donates the money they would have spent to a charity instead. That really would bring the spirit of Christmas to your workplace...