London's 5 Best: Iced Coffees

We’re not talking Frappuccinos, right.  Here we’re celebrating the chink of ice in an unadorned iced latte and the steely hit of a cold brew. In short, we’re celebrating coffee that’s still coffee. But chilled.  Toast out the waning summer and remember that these drinks are properly seasonal.  Here are London’s Top 5 Iced Coffees:


Monmouth Coffee 

If there is a happier place to spend a morning I don’t know it. With its no-phone policy (hurray), fabulous pastries from Little Bread Pedlar (see London’s 5 Best Croissants) and coffee to die for, Monmouth is sanctuary against the melee of Seven Dials. Their iced latte is made using unpasteurised whole milk from Ivy House Farm, which is the Rolls Royce of the dairy world. Thick, decadent and utterly delicious.  

Address: 27 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9EU


TAP Coffee

After I drank a cold brew from the enigmatically named No. 26 (AKA TAP Coffee), I literally vibrated down the street to my next meeting. The strength of those deceptively innocent-looking little bottles, which are kept on ice for customers to grab and go, is formidable. Their taste however, is absolutely balanced and without any of the bitterness one would associate with super strong coffee. I’m going to recommend this as a tonic: a pick-me-up par excellence.   

Address: 26 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1JD


Workshop Coffee

Opened in 2011, Workshop is perhaps London’s first truly seasonal coffee offering. With coffee roasted on site at the Clerkenwell operation, the beans are the focus here.  Their Marylebone outpost is a shade calmer and coffees can be taken without the mechanised whirr of the roastery. (And without the theatre.) The right side of sweet, their iced coffees are supremely good, as you would expect.  

Address: 1 Barrett Street, London W1U 1AX



My good friend in Ireland, Maggie, judges an iced latte by whether the barista stirs the coffee/milk or leaves it to settle into a glorious marble. Thus when I received my drink at table in Old Street’s modish Timberyard café, I sent her a picture. The blackish espresso was sinking into the creamy white below and sticking out of all was a perfect ice cream sundae straw.  A dose of fun near Silicon Roundabout.

Address: 61 – 67 Old Street, London EC1V 9HW


Taylor Street Baristas

A well-kept secret on a cobbled mews not far from Bond Street. Taylor Street Baristas is a gem that only opens weekdays, thus clientele is made up of in-the-know regulars and locals.  Their iced latte is slightly sweetened and a satisfying quencher for anybody flagging after too long on Oxford Street (or in a board meeting).

Address: 22 Brook Mews, London W1K 4DY