How to reward your team: Weird and Wonderful experiences to surprise your staff


Maybe your office’s local beer garden is starting to feel more at home than your living room. Or perhaps you get the feeling it’s time to treat your staff to something more adventurous than a Friday morning-croissant run. Delve into all the weird and wonderful things London has to offer, and surprise your team with a bit more than an after-work pinot grigio this month.


  1. Take a trip to a neon junkyard


Whether Walthamstow Central is home to half the team or feels like the furthest echelons of the tube map, it’s still on the Victoria line, making this trip to Zone 3 remarkably speedy to return home from. Rock up at God’s Own Junkyard on a Friday night at Ravenswood Industrial Estate until 9pm, when this neon nirvana turns into a bar for the entire weekend. Venture around Chris Bracey’s neon artworks which you’ll recognise from some of Soho’s most infamous streets, as well as set pieces from Bladerunner, Eyes Wide Shut and Batman. Endlessly Instagrammable and with so much to explore, your afterwork drinks for the team come with an added glow and an easy journey back to into town.


Location: Walthamstow Central

Price: Entry is free, so it’s just the drinks you’ll need to shoulder

Date: Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights



  1. Transform your office over lunchtime with Hotpod Yoga


Perhaps there’re a few people on your team with school runs to make where after-hours pub sessions aren’t really the done thing. Where that’s the case, lunch hours could be the ideal time to treat anyone that has to watch the clock a little. Hotpod Yoga can set up their inflatable pod in 15 minutes, creating a heated yoga studio for up to 20 people. Combining both an aerobic and cardiovascular workout with elements of meditation and relaxation, Hotpod Yoga provides an hour of release and serenity minus the added pressure of having to travel to a class, so you can treat your staff without adding any extra deadline stresses.


Location: Any free-space that’s suitable for Hotpod

Price and more info: Right here


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  1. Reward your early birds with a 7am Psycle spin class

There’s nothing like turning up to your desk already full of ideas for the day, so if you feel like your team could do with an extra adrenaline boost, why not treat them to an early-morning spin class at Psycle in central London? Found just a few streets up from Oxford Street, Psycle offer a head-to-toe workout on a bike, set to a great soundtrack and all finishing before 8am. You could even offer to swap up your team’s regular round of gin and tonics for a couple of Energy Kitchen Smoothies instead, and get those creative juices flowing pre-9am. As far as a guilt-free indulgence goes, you can’t really beat it!


Location: Oxford Street and Canary Wharf

Price: Top up on credits for £20 a class, with extra offers when you buy in bulk.

Date: Chose one to suit you here


  1.  Roll up to a member’s club with all the difference

You might have a few upstarts on your team who like to give the impression they’ve seen it all, so why not beat them at their own game and arrange a trip to Moth Club in Hackney? Originally an ex-servicemen’s member’s club, Moth Club has recently been converted by the same team behind The Shacklewell Arms and The Waiting Room, with regular gigs, clubs, bingo, karaoke and comedy on the roster. How about whole-team Bingotheque every Wednesday? With free entry and a lot of prizes up for grabs, even the grouch from accounting can’t say no…


Location: Hackney Central

Price: Free entry

Date: Every wednesday



  1. Give them something to really talk about with a night at Sink the Pink

Well, you said you wanted something from the ordinary. If you’re growing tired of office debates consisting of little more than who the water-cooler guy likes best, it might be time to mix things up a little with a good old-fashioned bonding session, London style. Glyn Famous and Amy Zing have been running Sink the Pink for nearly ten years, turning Bethnal Green Working Mens Club into a haven for outré outfits and behaviour. These glitter-drenched party animals take ‘letting your hair down’ to a whole new level, and their Halloween night at Oval Space will no doubt give your team plenty to talk about come Monday morning.


Location: Oval Space

Price: £15 per ticket

Date: 31st October