Vendor Of The Month: MOBA

Previously we have posted on our blog to share our love for the incredible Banh Mi baguette that has created quite a stir over the last couple of years in London. This time we are sharing an exclusive interview with Theo, one half of the MoBa Boys themselves, whose take on the Banh Mi and fantastic energy has created quite the stir at City Pantry HQ.

What was your inspiration for Moba and how did it start?

Niall and I met during our studies at Les Roches Hotel Management School in Switzerland and we have been close friends ever since. After working in hospitality at different restaurant groups, we decided to open a quick service restaurant based on quality, speed and originality. Through my explorations of Southeast Asia and Niall's creativity and love for food, MoBa took birth.

How did you start out with City Pantry?

A member of the City Pantry team approached us this summer after they had heard about us through social media!

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you founded Moba? 

Opening our first store in a very competitive area of London is a daily challenge, we are competing with large chains with big investment behind them, which makes it even more interesting for us and pushes us to keep on top of our game. We are constantly developing new menu items and packages to support our modern Vietnamese concept both in-store and for office catering. We also consistently propose exciting opportunities to our customers. Running the daily operation of our Goodge Street while planning our Old Street Station Pop Up in January and the second MoBa for summer 2016 is currently our biggest challenge.

What is your most interesting or fun experience from your time as founder of Moba?

We have been friends for a very long time, so every day is filled with laughter, good energy and happiness. Events, food markets and client events are what excites us the most lately. We love to create an atmosphere for our clients, through good vibes, food, drinks and ambiance.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

MoBa is the most important thing for us at the moment, we love the brand and we wish to continue to develop in London and possibly New York or Paris one day. Whatever happens in the next 5 years we know that both us will be involved in food and entertainment because it's our passion and we just love the industry!

What are MoBa doing for their Christmas Party?

Christmas is one of our busiest periods of the year so we are simply using our energy and high spirits, a lot of mulled wine and some great Frenchnamese Christmas canapés to get through! 


Favourite thing about London?

How eclectic it is, it's one of the capitals of the world and we feel right at home here.

Favourite sweet treat from MoBa?

Mini Chocolate & Hazelnut Bites from the Banh Mi Selection Package (a Mama's recipe.) City Pantry can confirm – these are to die for.

Favourite thing about Christmas?

Large dinner tables and celebrations (!) once again it's all about the food and the fun times… 





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