Share the love with your team this Valentine’s Day


In a flurry of roses, chocolates, champagne and clichés, London will be feeling especially loved-up in two weeks’ time. Taking everyone out for a romantic meal might not be on the menu, but there are some easy things you can do to share the love with your team and leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy.

Spread the love around the office 

Everyone in your office will appreciate a little note telling them how great they are. Have everyone write notes for each other, going cross-teams for maximum inclusion. And, it goes without saying: make sure everyone gets a card or note; we don’t want a Glen Coco situation on our hands.

Treat the team 

Sure, ordering in some sweet treats is the obvious choice, but why not do something more interactive? Hold a cheese and wine (or not wine) tasting for an inclusive spin on a romantic classic, or perhaps a masterclass: cupcake decoration, gin tasting, or floristry.

Celebrate kindness 

There’s not just notes. Whether it’s delivering on a killer project or always being the one who goes out to get the milk, recognition and praise goes a long way. Nominate colleagues for even the smallest thing, and share everyone’s kindness with the team.

Keep it light 

Sharing the love doesn’t mean forcing everyone to take part. Valentine’s can be a difficult time of year for a whole variety of reasons, so if a colleague doesn’t seem so enthusiastic, don’t push them to find out why.

Don’t forget to care 

You needn’t confine the sharing and generosity within the office. A wonderful way to spread some love and do others good is to donate, money or otherwise, to a cause dear to someone or some of the team. Selflessness never goes unnoticed.

We hope you and your teams have a Valentine’s to remember: with not long to go, it’s probably time to get that masterclass on lock.

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