Chef's Table: Trine Hahnemann


Trine Hahnemann is a Danish chef, cookery writer and broadcaster. She initiated the several million viewers of last season’s Great British Bake-Off into the bounties of a traditional Danish cake table, following the success of her bestselling book, Scandinavian Baking: Loving Baking At Home (Quadrille, 2014).

You’re going out for a weekend breakfast. Where do you go?

NOPI or La Fromagerie.  

What’s great about it and what do you regularly order?

I like places where you do not get a plate full of food, where things are served separately. Anywhere you can get a soft-boiled egg, porridge or avocado on toast.

What is your everyday breakfast?

Tea is my morning ritual. I can never eat right away after getting up. Breakfast is something I mostly eat when I have a day off, or on holiday. I love it when I have time.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Not for me. Dinner is the most important meal, I do sometimes eat breakfast for dinner!

Tell us about your best breakfast abroad, or the country that does breakfast the best.

I think some of the best breakfasts I’ve had while travelling were in San Francisco. There is a breakfast place on Washington Square. People line up at the weekends to get in. It serves the traditional American breakfast with amazing fresh eggs and mugs of coffee.

Where is the best place to eat breakfast in London that we won't have heard of?

Cream, a daytime canteen in East London. I’ve been there with my daughter a few times and it has great coffee and food.

Thank you for speaking to us, Trine!

Photo credits to Lars Ranek