The key to team happiness? Social experiences

Experience and the Workplace: There's more to it than professional growth

While a sports car or designer watch may still act as a badge of success for some, recent years have marked a distinct shift from investing in expensive possessions. Instead, we're witnessing the rise of a spending culture centred around experiences. Recent research carried out by the University of San Francisco found that Millennials in particular are increasingly more likely to ditch the luxury goods in favour of travelling the globe, attending festivals or skydiving! Moreover, the evidence found that when it comes to happiness and well-being, experiences trumped possessions hands down with the positive effects staying with us long after the memorable event is over. As Millennials make up an increasing portion of the workforce, there is a growing opportunity - and pressure - for employers to nurture not only professional experiences for their staff, but personal ones. 

Building a positive company culture

The term “positive company culture” might be the buzzword of the moment, but what does it actually mean? While many employers still view an office “experience” as something based purely around developing new work-related skills, recent years have marked an emerging trend highlighting the connection between social experiences and company culture. Cutting edge companies like Twitter and Google are leading the way into a new business era, placing a greater emphasis on social experiences in the workplace. This modern way of thinking promotes the idea that today's workforce places a higher value on positive workplace environments than on salary – a theory that's backed by a University of Madison study. Their research found that highly engaged staff take almost 4 days less on sick leave than those whose employers don't foster an excellent office culture. 

Office managers have a key role to play in delivering a great company culture

Fostering a positive working environment that encourages staff to stay loyal to the firm, while also persuading the right candidates to come on board is a big part of ensuring the success of any business. Recruitment and retention are two of the major issues facing businesses today, especially in the modern competitive marketplace where skilled candidates can be picky and choosy about which firm to work for. At the end of the day, talented workers are always going to go for the company that offers them the best deal all round, and that doesn't just mean the highest salary. The Active Jobseeker Dilemma Study discovered that a surprising 83% of human resource managers believe that employee experience is instrumental to their organisation's success, with 47% of them citing employee rewards as a key factor. 

So what kind of rewards are we talking about? While offering an attractive salary and recognition for a job well done is important, social experiences in the workplace are possibly even more vital. In fact, according to HR firm, TriNet, company culture can be the single most important asset a business has to offer, so offering social events that engage employees at all levels and gets them intermingling as equals is a foolproof way of boosting productivity.

Taking company culture out of the office

The scary statistics show that we spend an average of 109,980 hours at work over a lifetime, so enjoying the time spent in the office couldn't be more important. So, do you go about doing that? The answer lies in impressing your team and offering them fun and exciting social experiences. Making your business one that employees are queuing up to work for isn't as hard as it seems. Not every firm can afford to give its employees the perks and benefits that enormous employers like Google can offer, but most workers are satisfied with smaller tokens of appreciation. Arranging events like office summer parties go a long way towards keeping your team happy, and even something as simple as eating lunch as a team away from your desks can be a fantastic morale boosting exercise. Good managers knows the importance of team building for productivity, and what better way than by getting all levels of the company together on a regular basis to enjoy a meal together on an equal footing? These simple activities can help to break down barriers and encourage interactions that will, in the long term, lead to better communication and a happier working environment. Events like these won't break the bank, but can make a world of difference to the happiness of your workers and help to eliminate the problems associated with stress and dissatisfaction in the workplace.

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