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The 10 best vegan-friendly restaurants in London

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Ordering food used to be a nightmare for vegans. 

It's still not a complete walk in the park - but when you've got Gregg's offering a vegan option on their menu - it's safe to say that finding vegan food has never been easier for those going meatless. 

And from the down 'n' dirty to dainty plates of delicately-prepared veg, London has it all when it comes to vegan food. So whether you've ditched meat and dairy altogether or you're just cutting back here and there for Veganuary, here's our favourite restaurants delivering the best vegan-friendly food. Be warned: these vegan venues are so good you might just find yourself converted. 


By Chloe food vegan friendly restaurant London

With a low carbon footprint and a focus on water preservation, By CHLOE are on a mission to minimise waste while maximising taste. 

Providing fresh takes on traditional dishes - like vegan Fish N’ Chips, chocolate chip cookies the size of your face and mac ‘n’ cheese so creamy customers find it hard to believe it doesn't contain cheese - By CHLOE caters to those who mean well and want to eat well. With a wide selection of daily-made meals using local, plant-based ingredients (including a creative list of all-natural juices) you'll find it difficult to eat fresher in the centre of London.

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Mother vegan restaurant London

Serving up wholesome plant-based food that doesn't cost the earth since 2016, MOTHER is the type of restaurant that'll make Meat-Free Mondays become your everyday. With food to nourish you from the inside out - like a certain West African Spiced Peanut Curry we can't get enough of - this is one of the best 100% vegan eateries in London.

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Arancini Brothers

Arancini Brothers vegan restaurant London

What started as a tiny stall on Brick Lane almost 10 years ago has grown into an arancini-filled empire across London. And since trialling an all-vegan approach in their Old Street branch, Arancini Brothers have since rolled out in Kentish Town as well as in Dalston. The kings of vegan risotto balls, Arancini Brothers serve up their hand-made creations in salad boxes, wraps and hot stew pots - all so delicious you definitely won't miss the meat. 

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Tibits vegan restaurant London

A small Swiss spot bringing the buffet concept into the twentieth century, Tibits offers nourishing salads, boxes, hot dishes and soups full of fresh and seasonal vegetarian and vegan delights. But the best bit? Tibits even have a vegan Full English on their menu, with Boston beans, baked tomatoes, potato rosti plus mushrooms and peppers, so you'll never have to skip breakfast in the office ever again.

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Young Vegans

Young Vegans vegan restaurant in London

For all the thriving foodie variety to be found in the capital, Brits still can’t resist good old pie and mash. So it's a good job Camden Market outfit Young Vegans serve up incredible meat and dairy free takes on the national treasure. Pick from seitan and ale pie, curry pie, sweet potato pie and a very British all day breakfast pie and enjoy them with chips or a decent lump of impossibly creamy mash. Thanks to Young Vegans, your winter just got a whole lot warmer. 

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Raw Press

raw press vegan restaurant

If you're looking for a completely-vegan food paradise - look no further than Raw Press. Offering organic cold-pressed juices, granola bowls, rotating salads, comfort food and even downright delicious buckwheat waffles, Raw Press is a 100% vegan restaurant with more variety than you can shake a vegan smoothie at. 

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Aprés Food Co 

Apres Food Co vegan friendly restaurant London

Known for their innovative gluten-free food, Aprés Food Co have also set out to redefine vegan comfort food too. Beyond a sterling selection of baked vegan goods - including biscuits and bakewell tarts - Aprés offer a designer salad box, containing a whole list of delicious ingredients like crunchy coleslaw, ragu of chickpea, roast beetroot, butternut squash, organic hummus and so much more.


Floris Bakery

Floris Bakery vegan friendly restaurant in london

Being vegan doesn't mean cakes, pastries and all things sweet are a thing of the past, and Hackney's Floris Bakery are making sure of that. One of the few bakeries in the capital to cater to vegans, the geniuses at Floris Bakery serve up anything and everything you could imagine - and somehow make it completely vegan. We're talking vegan sausage rolls, eclairs and even a range of sweet custard doughnuts so good you'll get them again and again. 

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Farmstand vegan friendly restaurant in London

Taking its name from the roadside 'farm stalls' commonplace in America's Midwest, Farmstand is all about sustainable and seasonable food that doesn't cost the earth. Their entire menu is 100% gluten and dairy free, with a lot of their dishes also vegan-friendly, meaning you can go wild on salad boxes bursting with veg and seasonal ingredients.

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Honi Poké

Honi Poke vegan food London

A dish favoured by the locals of the Hawaiian islands, poké (pronounced poh-keh) is the London food trend that isn't going anywhere. Traditionally consisting of chopped fresh fish on a bed of rice, Soho outfit Honi Poké have launched a vegan menu that's a bit of a game-changer. With poké bowls featuring Korean BBQ pulled 'pork' jackfruit, avocado, and a falafel and pineapple combo, these are satisfying-yet-healthy dishes you need to try if you're cutting out meat and dairy.

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Thinking about bringing some vegan food into the office this Veganuary? We can deliver every last one of these vegan-friendly restaurants straight to your London office, all for the same price as going direct. And if you've never ordered from City Pantry before - we'll even give you free delivery on your first five orders, too.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to see the best vegan options in your area, look no further.  

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