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Get ready for spring while you work from home | City Pantry

Winter is almost behind us and we're looking forward to the longer, sunnier days ahead. With the government's work-from-home advice still firmly in place, we outline five top tips to help you get spring-ready while working from home.

Spring signals the start of new beginnings - lambs are frolicking in the fields, swathes of colourful flowers are beginning to bloom, and the coldest months will soon become but a distant memory. It's also the ideal time to rejig your workspace and start new habits to boost your wellbeing for the months ahead.

Officially, spring starts on Saturday, 20th March, so there's not long to go. Fortunately, we've put together this guide to help you prepare and get the most out of the sunnier days to come while you continue to work from home.

1. Spring clean your home office


Whether you have a dedicated room for work or you set up your laptop on the dining table next to housemates, spring gives you a great opportunity to tidy up your work-from-home space and start afresh for the next half of the year.

Begin your workplace spring clean by clearing out your drawers and any clutter on top of your desk/table. Recycle papers you no longer need and throw away any rubbish that's been hanging around longer than necessary.

Now it's time to focus your attention on your laptop - it can get pretty dirty, especially if you snack or take lunch at your desk! To get it squeaky clean, you'll need the following three items:

- a can of compressed air

- rubbing alcohol

- a microfibre cloth

That's it! Now just follow the simple steps in this guide to make your laptop shine like new. Once done, finish off by giving your work surface and surrounding floor a good clean.

If you want to go a step further, why not take your workspace cleaning into the digital realm by tidying up your computer files, clearing cache, cookies, and browsing history, as well as getting all those unread email notifications down to zero.

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