Chef's Table: Stevie Parle

Stevie Parle is a chef, food writer, author and TV presenter. His most recent restaurant, Craft London, opened earlier this Spring to great acclaim. Stop by, and you might well find him breakfasting there


You’re going out for a weekend breakfast. Where do you go?

Pavilion Café in Victoria Park.


What’s great about it and what do you regularly order?

It's in the middle of my favourite park by a lake, has great coffee and I love the Sri Lankan Breakfast: string Hoppers, egg curry and coconut sambol.


What is your everyday breakfast?

Black Coffee. Maybe toast but often nothing.


Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

No, or rather I don’t know.  But it can be the most enjoyable.  On holiday, or at the weekend, I'd happily spend hours over breakfast.


Tell us about your best breakfast abroad. Or about the country that does breakfast the best.

For me it’s India, particularly the south. Dosa, Idli, sambol, coconut chutneys, chai...


Where is the best place to eat breakfast in London that we won't have heard of?

Well, you may not yet have heard of my new café in North Greenwich. It’s on the ground floor of my latest project, Craft London. You can have great coffee that we roast ourselves, and delicious slices of Greenwich Rise (our wood oven baked sourdough bread) dripping with the cultured-butter we make ourselves, and our SE10 honey from the hives outside.