Chef's Table: Rosie Birkett

Rosie Birkett is a cookery writer, restaurant reviewer and food stylist. Her fantastic debut cookbook A Lot On Her Plate (Hardie Grant) was published this spring.

You’re going out for a weekend breakfast. Where do you go?

To my local cafe on the canal by Springfield Park.

What’s great about it and what do you regularly order?

You can sit outside and watch the canal, it's dog friendly which is great for my puppy, Cyril, and they do a really mean fry-up.

What is your everyday breakfast?

It varies between overnight oats and something egg based. Usually the latter.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Absolutely! Kick starts the metabolism and it's the first excuse in the day to eat.

Tell us about your best breakfast abroad, or the country that does breakfast the best.

It's got to be Mexico. All those amazing variations on eggs, tortilla, beans, chilli and avocado.

Where is the best place to eat breakfast in London that we won't have heard of?

My house, I'll cook you up the guacamole bread from my book A Lot On Her Plate. Or, failing that, the custard tarts at Taberna de Mercado are ridiculous.

Header Image credit to Uyen Luu