July 30, 2020 • Food5 min read

Introducing Pantry Packages

We've launched Pantry Packages - a range of curated food boxes delivered straight to your colleagues' homes. The ideal way to keep positive company culture going while your teams work from home.

With most companies having to work from home these days, we’re committed to supporting you, support your teams@home the best way we know how - through great food.

We've joined together with a number of our vendor partners to create delicious food packages - from fresh veggies to ready-made indulgent treats -  that we'll deliver directly to your colleagues' homes contact-free. It's the ultimate way to stay connected and keep positive company culture going while working remotely.

Supporting you, support your teams

A food drop to brighten their day

Use your existing food budget to encourage healthy eating or treat your teams@home to something special.

Retain positive company culture

Working from home can be lonely, so organising food perks can help keep remote employees to feel part of the team.

Support local businesses

Every teams@home Pantry Packages food box you buy helps support local restaurants and catering businesses.

How it works

1. Contact your Account Manager or the Food Guru team and let them know your budget. They will work with you to choose the most appropriate box and a delivery schedule that suits your colleagues.

2. We will provide contact-free home delivery of every food box for each team member. We're now delivering selected Pantry Packages food boxes UK-wide.

3. We'll invoice you as normal through the City Pantry platform.

  • What can I order for my team?

  • We've got a growing selection of food boxes to choose from, including pantry staples, restaurant DIY kits, hampers, sweet treats, and more.

  • Choose a vendor, set a budget, and let your colleagues use our Individual Choice tool to select their favourite box. Easy!
  • Take a look at all of our Pantry Packages options below:

Pizza Pilgrims - DIY Pizza Kits

Hand putting toppings onto pizza dough in a frying pan

With these DIY kits you and your work-from-home teams can make Pizza Pilgrims' famous Neoapolitan pizzas at home without any fancy equipment!

With all the ingredients you need to create delicious Neapolitan pizzas at home, these frying pan pizza kits are ideal for virtual summer parties or team bonding experiences. Delivered nationwide, so the whole team can enjoy.

Choose between Margherita and Nduja, with more varieties of pizza coming soon!

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Jimmy Garcia Catering - Party Boxes

Lots of food on a picnic blanket on the grass

Are you planning a virtual work party? Jimmy Garcia Catering's party boxes are here to help take weight off of your shoulders. Order delicious food and drinks boxes for the whole team, with options like:

- Pride box with rainbow cake and colour-changing lemonade

- Wimbledon box with strawberries & cream, Pimm's kit, cheeses, and sausage rolls

- Recipe boxes for a fun cook-along

- Brunch and breakfast boxes

- Fondue and cheese board boxes

- DIY cocktail kits

- Picnic boxes

- BBQ kits

- Make-your-own pizza & vegan burger kits

There are loads of options suitable for a wide range of dietary needs including no-gluten, veggie, vegan, nut-free, and halal.

And if that wasn't good enough, Jimmy Garcia Catering can provide entertainment for your virtual work do too. For an extra cost, your teams@home can enjoy cocktail masterclasses, pub quizzes, and more!

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Patty & Bun - DIY Burger Kits

Burger on a plate with sauces and bowls around it

What's the perfect way to end a busy week of working from home? Burger and beers - that's what!

With Patty & Bun's DIY kits you can now create some of their signature burgers in the comfort of your own home, including the Ari Gold  and the Smokey Robinson.

Each kit comes with ingredients to make four delicious burgers, and the only thing you need to supply is some lettuce and tomato (if you want it!). Choose between meaty burgers or vegan ones, and you can add on four Patty Pils Beers to see in the weekend!

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GAIL's Bakery - Freshly Baked Goods

Croissants piled on top of each other

GAIL's Bakery is known for its beautiful selection of freshly baked breads, pastries, and cakes - and now you can bring the bakery to your home office with Pantry Packages.

Let your teams choose between the Bakery Box and the Sweet Box. Each one contains the very best of GAIL's Bakery delights, such as:

- Seeded Sourghdough

- Croissants

- Pain au Chocolat

- Lemon Drizzle Loaf

- Vanilla Shortbread

Go ahead and order GAIL's boxes for your teams today!

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The Libation Station - Cocktail Kits & Craft Beer

two men making cocktails at a bar

Celebrate after-work drinks the best way - with a DIY cocktail kit or a box of craft beers from the Libation Station.

Learn how to make one of the Libation Station's signature cocktails with the 'One For Me, One For You' and the 'Let's Party' Pantry Packages boxes, or crack open a cold one with a box of craft beers from the likes of:

- Tiny Rebel

- Beavertown

- Gispy Hill

- Magic Rock

- Siren Brewery

Team building while working from home just got better.

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Bad Brownie - Decadent Brownie Bites

Several brownies on a blue and red backgroundSatisfy your team's sweet tooth with a box of gooey, luscious brownies from the award-winning Bad Brownie.

Choose between a box of 12 or 24 brownie bites, which includes flavours like:

- Salted Caramel

- Peanut Butter

- Triple Chocolate

- Ferrero Rocher

It's every chocoholic's dream. And we mean 'every' because Bad Brownie has vegan and no-gluten options too!

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Country City Catering - Hampers & Recipe Boxes

Hamper full of food

Do your remote workers deserve something special for all their hard work during such a challenging time? Why not send them each a luxury hamper from Country City Catering?

With nationwide delivery and options for a wide range of dietary requirements, none of your colleagues will have to go without a treat.

Country City Catering offers loads of different options: brunch boxes, cocktail-making kits, DIY Sunday roasts, and much, much more.

Ideal for a virtual work party!

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Polu Poké - DIY Poké & Ramen Kits

Ramen bowl

Looking for a flavour-packed, colourful lunch to break up your work-from-day day? Look no further than Polu Poké DIY kits!

With all the ingredients you need to make delicious poké and ramen bowls, Polu Poké is sure to brighten your day and make your tummy very happy indeed.

Choose between the following mouth-watering kits:

- Spicy tune poké

- Tempeh poké (vegan & no-gluten)

- Chasu pork belly ramen

- Miso gyoza ramen


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Smith & Sinclair - Alcoholic Gummies & Candies

Hand holding pile of gummy sweets in front of a baby pink background

Make after-work virtual drinks more fun with boxes of alcoholic cocktail gummies from Smith & Sinclair.

This unique addition to Pantry Packages is sure to make isolation a little less dull, with alcoholic cocktail gummies, happy hour alcohol-free candy, edible cocktail glitter, and more.

All of Smith & Sinclair's boxes are veggie and vegan-friendly, with gummy flavours like:

- Pineapple Bellini

- Elderflower Gin Spritz

- Mandarin Aperol Spritz

- Passionfruit Mojito

Smith & Sinclair doesn't call itself "Willy Wonka for grown-ups" for no reason!

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Piglet's Pantry - Afternoon Teas & English Pastries

Afternoon tea on a gingham blanket

Piglet's Pantry is an award-winning food producer based on the South Coast known for its delicious pies, sausage rolls, and sweet treats.

Treat your teams to a delightful English afternoon tea, complete with scotch eggs, mini sausage rolls, scones and clotted cream, cakes, and Earl Grey tea. Choose between the meaty option tea or the veggie one!

You can also order cakes on their own if you don't want to go the whole hog. Beautifully finished off with icing and handmade decorations.

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Astrum Wines - Bottles of Wine & Cocktail Kits

Four wines lined up on wooden table

Turn your virtual after-work drinks into a sophisticated soiree with bottles of the finest red, white, and rosé wines from Astrum Wines. Hand picked by a team of former Sommeliers, each bottle is imported from Europe's best producers, ready for your colleagues to sip at home!

Not a wine person? Why not try Astrum Wine's cocktail Spritz kits instead?

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Karma Cans - Ready-Made Meals & Sauces

Colourful box full of fresh veg and sauces

Get the best of best worlds with a food box from Karma Cans - two ready-made portions of either meat rigatoni stew or veggie dhal, plus their homemade sauces and loads of fresh veg to make your own delicious meals too!

Karma Cans is a Mumbai-inspired eatery that brings mouth-watering worldly flavours to your palate with the help of fresh and seasonal veg. Now you can enjoy the tastes and smells of the Karma Cans kitchen in your own home with Pantry Packages.

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EK Bakery - Letter Box Brownies

Brownies on baking paper on top of a marble table

EK Bakery specialises in bespoke brownies that can fit effortlessly through your letterbox - the perfect addition to our Pantry Packages offering.

For those with a sweet tooth and a thirst for chocolately goodness, look no further than EK Bakery's brownie boxes. Fudgy, rich, and beautifully decorated, these brownies are to die for.

Choose between a box of two, four, or eight brownies, and get enjoy flavours like:

- Salted caramel

- Peanut butter

- Triple chocolate

- Toasted hazelnut

- Dark 75% Jamaican chocolate

Vegan and no-gluten are available, too!

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CRU Kafe - Coffee Capsules, Beans, & Grounds

Coffee machine making coffee into a glass reusable coffee cup

Keep your colleagues well caffeinated with ethically sourced, certified organic coffee beans, capsules, and grounds from CRU Kafe.

Working from home has its ups and downs, but coffee almost always makes the day go better, so send your team members a box to help them on their way.

Select the Discovery Pack for a box of Nepresso® compatible coffee capsules, or choose from a range of beautifully flavoured ground and whole bean coffees.

Off the caffein? Fear not, CRU Kafe has something for you too!

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Ben's Cookies - Boxes of Cookies

Photo of gooey cookies with Ben's Cookies logo

Send your colleagues a box of seven or 15 mouth-watering cookies from Ben's Cookies. Oozing with melted chocolate, these are the perfect pick-me-ups after a long day of working from home.

There are two selections to choose from, Ben's Chocolate Selection and Ben's Favourite Selection. Which one will your colleagues go for?

Here are just some of the flavours you can expect:

- Milk Choc

- Triple Choc Chunk

- Oatmeal & Raisin

- Orange & Milk Chocolate

- Macadamia & White Chocolate

- Coconut

- Rum & Raisin

We're drooling just thinking about them...

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  1. Kute Cake - Cupcakes & DIY Decorating Kits

  2. Kutecakeheaderblog-m

    Kute Cake is known for its pretty pastel-coloured packaging and oh-so-refined sweet treats, including cupcakes, brownies, and flapjacks.

    You can send boxes of four, six, or eight cupcakes to your colleagues at home, with classic flavours like:

    • - Red Velvet
    • - Vanilla
    • - Chocolate

    There are also boxes of coffee, mint, and dark chocolate & strawberry brownies, as well as vegan flapjacks.

    Want to celebrate Pride with your teams@home? Kute Cake has boxes of Pride cupcakes, complete with rainbow sprinkles and rainbow belts!

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  1. Treats Club - Blondies, Cookie Pies, & DIY Donut Sundaes

hand holding out a donut sundae in a paper tub

Looking for the ultimate chocolatey dessert? Have a go at making your own hot donut sundae with a kit from Treats Club.

Here's what to expect:

- Oreo-filled donut bites

- Signature homemade chocolate syrup

- Signature homemade salted caramel syrup

- Salted chocolate sugar

- Cinnamon sugar

- Funfetti sprinkles

- Crushed oreos

- Marshmallow fluff

Need even more of the sweet stuff? Treats Club also has cookie dough pies and ready-made peanut butter & white chocolate, raspberry, and apple crumble blondies too.

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  1. Crust Bros - DIY Pizza Kits

three pizzas next to each other

Want to make award-winning Neapolitan pizzas at home? Now you can with Crust Bros DIY pizza kits!

Host a virtual pizza party with your colleagues or members of your household, and make classics like:

- Margherita

- Nduja

- Salami

Create your own dough or leave it to the experts with the Dough Ball Pizza Kit.

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Nummy - Natural, Healthier Alternatives to Sweet Treats

Doughnuts in a box

After a sweet treat that's made with 100% natural ingredients? Nummy has just the pick-me-up you need to end a hard day's work!

Choose between chewy brownies, baked doughnuts, and peanuty cookies. Made using oat flour, organic coconut sugar, raw organic coconut oil, maple syrup, and other high-quality, natural ingredients, all of Nummy's sweet treats are absolutely delicious and suitable for vegans!

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PAUL - Baked Goods & Essentials

Illustration of produce including bread, pastries, and veg

Ideal for colleagues with and without children, PAUL's essentials boxes are full of goodies the whole household can enjoy! Treat your teams to French breads, pastries, fruit, veg, milk, and butter - it'll save them a trip to the supermarket, and give them something sweet to appease the kids - or themselves!

With a variety of indulgent cakes, tempting tartlets, and buttery pastries, there's something to suit all tastes. Here's a sneak peek of what to expect in PAUL's most lavish box:

- Ancien white loaf

- Multigrain loaf

- Pain au chocolat

- All-butter croissants

- Semi-skimmed milk

- Unsalted butter

- Fresh fruit

- Fresh vegetables

- Lemon tartlets

- Chocolate tartlets

- Mini chocolate beignets


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  1. Eat in Colour - Fruit & Veg Boxes


Eat in Colour makes eating the rainbow easy! With boxes of fresh fruit, veg, and salad, your colleagues will be hitting their 5-a-day easily.

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Spier's Salads - Recipe Kits & Veg Boxes

Box of fresh veg

We've partnered with Spier's Salad to bring you a whole host of fruit, veg, and recipe boxes that will save your colleagues a dreaded trip to the supermarket.

With food boxes of varying sizes to suit a range of budgets, you're guaranteed to find one that's right for you - and your teammates.

If that's not enough to convince you, take a moment to learn about Spier's Salads company ethos. The team sources only the best fresh ingredients from New Covent Garden market, uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and they make sure to pay their employees the London Living Wage.

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Fresh Fitness Food - Healthy Frozen Meals

Colourful frozen meals on a white background

What we eat impacts our mood, behaviour, and concentration levels, so do your colleagues a favour and keep them fuelled with nutritionist-designed, chef-prepared ready-meals from Fresh Fitness Food.

Choose from eight balanced meals, including:

- Beef massaman curry

- Chicken meatballs in Napoli sauce

- Char siu salmon with white rice

- Golden pumpkin satay curry

- Lean turkey bolognese (gluten and no-gluten versions)

- THIS Isn't coq au vin

There are veggie, vegan, and no-gluten meals to suit a variety of dietary needs! Why not top it off with sweet and savoury snacks, plus a fresh juice to wash it all down?

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Mindful Chef - Healthy Recipe Boxes

Mindful Chef cardboard box bursting with veg, on a blue background

Mindful Chef is the UK's favourite healthy recipe box service, and now your teams@home can enjoy it too!

With new recipes every week, your colleagues can get creative in the kitchen without the hassle of buying ingredients and meal planning. Mindful Chef uses sustainably sourced produce from small British farms to create nutritionally balanced, simple to make, and absolutely delicious recipes for your teams to cook at home.

Each box contains three recipes, which feed two people and you can choose between meat and fish or vegan options every week.

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South Catering WellBox - Healthy Snack Boxes

Basket full of snacks

Colleagues feeling that 3pm slump? Wake them up with a box of healthy snacks from South Catering. The WellBox comes filled to the brim with bars, popcorn, dried fruis, trail mix, and more!

With WellBox, everyone can get the fuel they need to get them through a busy day of remote working - there's vegan, halal, no-gluten, and dairy-free options! You can even add a personalised message to let your colleagues know they're doing great.

Home delivery is available across the UK.

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Sereso - Picnic & Afternoon Tea Boxes

Picnic with cheeses and fruits

Social distancing rules are still in place but now we can all enjoy more time in the great outdoors - including picnics!

Order a Sereso's picnic box for each of your colleagues and let them enjoy cheeses, fresh fruit, prosciutto, and mini Belgium chocolate tortes in their gardens or the park. Don't eat meat? Try the vegan picnic for two box, which includes vegan buns, grilled vegetables, salted crisps, fresh fruit, and orange juice.

Sereso's Pantry Packages offering also includes Afternoon Tea for Two - with or without prosecco! Scones, strawberry jam, cream, fresh berries, and tea - a quintissentially British treat.

Soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy tasty delights from Sereso.

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Lovely Buns - Plant-Based Treats

three banana bread loaves

Whether you eat vegan 100% of the time or you've never given a thought to following a plant-based lifestyle, the treat boxes from Lovely Buns are sure to be a winner with everyone.

Using only the best quality ingredients, including organic English flour, fairly traded unrefined cane sugars, and fair trade chocolate, as well as 100% recyclable packaging, Lovely Buns' cakes and cookies are not only a tasty treat, but they're planet-friendly too.

Here are just some of the delightful plant-based options available for your teams@home via Pantry Packages:

- Maple Glazed Banana Block

- Peacan + Chocolate Block

- Pear + Ginger Block

- Chai Spiced Rye Block

- Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate Cookies

- Sesame + Chocolate Cookies

- Biscoff + Cinnamon Cookies


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Crussh - Shakes, Snacks, & Soups

Shakes lined up next to each other on a counter

Keep your colleagues fuelled with a box of protein shakes and bars from London's top fit food hub Crussh. With flavours like Chocco Nutter, Berry Super Warrior, and Incredible Bulk, your teammates are sure to smash their next home workout!

Also available through Pantry Packages is Crussh's Nourishing Soup & Cold Press Juice Package, as well as daily immunity shots and healthy snack packages. Expect nuts, pulses, seeds, dried fruits, and more. Yum!

Founded in 1998, Crussh has been leading the way for healthy food in London, and now your colleagues can have a taste of their nutrient-packed shakes and nibbles from the comfort of their own homes.

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Dominique Ansel Bakery - Sweet Treat & Fresh Pasta Hampers

Orange box full of brightly coloured mini meringues

Packaged in signature orange boxes, Dominique Ansel Bakery at Home can provide your colleagues with everything they need for a productive and enjoyable day working from home.

Choose between these sweet and savoury options from Dominique Ansel Bakery:

- Homemade Pasta Hamper

- Mini Me Hamper (assortment of fruity meringues)

- Cookie Hamper

- Viennoiserie Basket (Kouign Amann pastry, cannele, & croissants)

- Viennoiserie Medley (croissants, pain au chocolat, hot cross buns)

Bring the flavours of France to your home office with Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Interested in ordering Pantry Packages food boxes for your teams@home? Get in touch with your Account Manager or click on this link to our Pantry Packages info page get started!

Looking for something a bit different? Check out our teams@home gift cards that your colleagues can redeem through Just Eat.