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The best pancakes in London delivered with City Pantry

Discover our favourite breakfast spots worth getting out of bed for with our guide to London pancakes you can get direct to your desk with City Pantry - start the day right! 

London just gets pancakes. It really does. 

Obviously you could make your own. You could. But from the sweet and savoury, to the American-style, the decadent crepés and the cheese-oozing galettes, London's restaurant scene has stepped up to the plate this Pancake Day so you don't have to. 

And with Shrove Tuesday fast approaching, here's our definitive guide to the best pancakes in London you can get delivered with City Pantry. You're welcome. 

The Breakfast Company

City Pantry - Best Pancakes in London

You won't be surprised to learn that breakfasts take centre stage at The Breakfast Company. And in the starring role? Their incredibly fluffy buttermilk pancakes, of course. 

Perfect for beating the commuter blues, the pancakes at The Breakfast Company are served with your choice of toppings and absolutely smothered in sweet maple syrup. Sounds simple, but they might just be the best tasting and most Instagrammable pancakes in London. Come on. Just look at them.

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City Pantry - Best pancakes in London

Pioneers of the 'urban cosmopolitan' pancake, hotplate wizardry awaits at Crêpeaffaire. From the no-frills (lemon, sugar and Nutella) to the frilly in the extreme (pesto and mozzarella) to the extremely inclusive (gluten-free and vegan galettes), these crepé connoisseurs serve up more variations of crepés than you can shake a - well - a crepé at.  

If you want a hot tip from the experts at City Pantry: treat yourself to Crêpeaffaire's I'll Have What She's Having. Strawberries, whipped cream, lashings of Nutella and rom-com nostalgia all for under £8. Magic. 

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Mac & Wild

City Pantry - Best Pancakes in London

The Scots know their pancakes, having invented their own version not too far from the American standard. But Mac and Wild have somehow made their Shrove Tuesday special even more Scottish. 

How? Well, Mac and Wild have stuck to their roots and added a very special Scottish delicacy - a deep fried Mars bar - on top of their pancake stacks. If you read that without drooling: well done. And if that wasn't enough, their pancakes come with a whisky caramel sauce and moreish peanut butter whip. 

And if you read that without drooling: there's probably something wrong with you. 


City Pantry - Best Pancakes in London

If you think of pancakes as a once-a-year sweet treat, SHOT are here to make sure you can have pancakes almost every day. 

Made with almond milk and gluten-free oats, the pancakes from SHOT are actually sweet potato pancakes, and perfect for when you're counting the calories. Served with banana, maple syrup and small pieces of dark chocolate, this is one guilt-free way to enjoy pancakes this Shrove Tuesday and the best part? You can order them right to your desk with City Pantry. 

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City Pantry - Best pancakes in London

What makes the best pancake? If you ask us, it's a light and fluffy texture, a slight cakey crumb and a flavour that tastes so much more than just flour, sugar and salt. And the pancakes at Amber nail it on every single count. 

With pancakes this good, you don't even have to think twice about toppings. Keep it simple with the tahini, banana, honey and pistachios pancakes. They're as good as pancakes get.

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Cafe Route

City Pantry - Best pancakes in London

You don't have to wait until Shrove Tuesday to get your pancake fix - Dalston's Cafe Route serve their Mediterranean-inspired pancakes all year long. 

Yes, you read that right. Cafe Route specialise in hearty Mediterranean cuisine, so forget sugar and lemon this year, expect your homemade buttermilk pancakes to be served with kashta cream, yellow compote and crunchy pistachios. Trust us, they're a game changer. 

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Ed's Easy Diner

City Pantry - Best Pancakes in London

We don't tend to throw around the term 'genius'. However, the person who decided to combine pancakes, bacon and maple syrup was a bonafide boffin. Ed's Easy Diner offer up this legendary mix of sweet and savoury at their various locations across London, and they do it better than anyone. 

Want to see what we're talking about? Order their All American Pancake Stack to your office with City Pantry. Toppings like smoked bacon, maple syrup and blueberries aren't going to win any awards for originality - but boy are they delicious. 

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Desperate to bring some pancakes into your office now? 

Whether you're after classic lemon and sugar or something a little more indulgent, City Pantry have got you covered this Pancake Day. We even offer pancake pop-ups where the restaurant bring a flipping good time to your office – so you can get your team bonding over toppings. 

And remember, we offer free delivery on your first five orders with us. Interested? Take a look at the pancake restaurants in your area. 

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