Chef's Table: Nick Crean

Nick Crean is co-owner of Prestat, the meteorically successful and hallowed chocolate company founded originally in 1902. (Roald Dahl famously wrote about the company’s rich Napoleon truffles.) Herewith, his top tips for a fabulous London breakfast.


You’re going out for a weekend breakfast. Where do you go?  What’s great about it and what do you regularly order?

I would go to The Wolseley and have Eggs Benedict. I love the bright airy room, the whiff of a celeb, and the amazing attentiveness of the team. I used to marvel at the way Chris Corbin and Jeremy King were omnipresent in their many restaurants. The Wolseley has the best-mannered staff in London. And they have newspapers – very stylish – and a doorman – how much more special could you feel?


What is your everyday breakfast?

Goat's yoghurt and granola. Goat's yoghurt is by far the best start to the day for keeping that tummy bacteria healthy and hard at work. Tea more than coffee to begin with, then a quick hit of an espresso.


Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

It is the very best meal of the day. I am told breakfast dating is the coolest thing of all, followed by a walk in one of London's beautiful parks; under an umbrella is quite acceptable too.


Tell us about your best breakfast abroad, or the country that does breakfast the best.

New York, New York, New York – it’s all in the bacon, if you are feeling naughty. Or delight in poached egg and avocado on sourdough whilst watching the swimmers on the roof of Soho House.


Where is the best place to eat breakfast in London that we won't have heard of? What’s great about it and what do you regularly order?

Easy answer: Café Prestat (186 Pavilion Road), for a series of Wicked Treats. From the best and poshest chocolate spreads, to the most fragrant rose jelly to blend with your yoghurt, to a stunning range of gluten-free muffins. Great coffee, wonderful teas and indulgent hot chocolates. Who could ask for anything more…