April 24, 2019 • Restaurants2 min read

New to City Pantry: Bill's Restaurant

Whether it's breakfast, brunch or burgers - you can now order Bill's to your office with City Pantry. 

When it comes to restaurants in the UK, Bill's is a name you probably already know about. And for good reason. 

With 81 restaurants dotted around the UK, Bill's is a place famous for serving the freshest and most seasonal dishes every single time. And whether you're after a breakfast that'll kickstart your day, a refreshing lunch to keep you going or an incredible burger before bedtime, Bill's have got you covered. 

And now, you can bring Bill's best dishes into your office with City Pantry. That's right, Bill's is the newest restaurant on our platform available for office delivery. 

So if you want to skip those lunchtime queues, ordering Bill's for a large order to your office has never been easier.  

Ordering Bill's for office delivery is easy: 

1. Visit the Bill's menu on the City Pantry website: citypantry.com/bills/menu

2. Select your delivery location, date and time so we know where and when you'd like your Bill's order.

3. Choose the items you want to order for your office from the Bill's menu. 

4. Submit your order and complete the checkout process. (If you're new to City Pantry, you'll get free delivery on your first five orders with us.) 

5. We'll sort the rest and deliver your Bill's order within your 30-minute time window. 

Are you ready to join the office food revolution? 

At City Pantry, we deliver the UK's best restaurants, like Bill's, straight to your office. No fuss. No hassle. And all for the same price as going direct. 

So if you want to see what City Pantry can do for you, sign up below and we'll give you free delivery on your first five orders with us.