Meet the Restaurant: Vita Mojo


Have you ever eaten a dish you weren’t expecting? A rogue ingredient showing up in the last place you’d imagine it? Cautiously poking around the dish to uncover the offending item, you discover a dreaded mushroom. You hate mushrooms, so you order a bowl of chips instead.

Imagine this happening every time you try to go out and eat. When menus aren’t clear, people are less adventurous — fear of discovering something nasty, or worse, dangerous, leads to eating the same thing day after day. It’s paralysing. Especially when those dreaded mushrooms will have serious implications for your health. 

This is what Vita Mojo co-founder Nick Popovici went through every time he tried to eat out.

Suffering from a range of debilitating health issues while working in the City, Nick had to drastically change his diet. This hugely limited where he could eat out, as very few restaurants offered detailed descriptions of what went into their food. Popovici’s story influenced the creation of his restaurant, Vita Mojo, founded with Stefan Catoiu. Vita Mojo is a high-tech business built around customisation: consumers construct their own meals from a range of ingredients, with full visibility on the dietary information behind their food. After developing the concept in 2015, Vita Mojo opened their first location in St Pauls, early 2016. The success of the first restaurant has spawned two follow-ups, one in Spitalfields and the other in Bank.

Vita Mojo uses software to track what is going into your meal down to the gram. This allows customers to precisely track all ingredients, with macros giving a clear picture of what is included in your meal. A smart calorie slider tracks the values of each ingredient, including calories, protein, carbs, fats, and contribution to your fruit and veg count (if any). 

Its infinite customisation and daily range of up to thirty ingredients means nearly anything is possible, whether constructing a perfectly honed balance of meats, vegetables, sauces and toppings or deciding that today all you need for lunch is twelve eggs and some avocado.

With increasing numbers of health conscious consumers, Vita Mojo is continuing to be a widely popular choice. Nick is firmly convinced that this is the way forward: “we truly believe that personalisation is a key and growing trend. There is no such thing as one size fits all and more and more people are demanding to eat exactly what and how they want to.” Vita Mojo also believes that the upswell of ethical consumption – whether it be dietary choices or being more aware of where food comes from – will only become more prominent.  Keeping menus seasonal by frequently updating and changing ingredients ensures the food will remain sustainable, while tastings are designed to ensure that what’s on offer is what customers want.

Providing companies with flexible food choices, both Vita Mojo and City Pantry pride themselves on being able to offer a flexible platform where they can cater to the needs of different employees, vegan, gluten-free etc, everybody can now find something for them in office food.

Wanting to reach a wider audience, Vita Mojo decided to start delivery to cater to customers who could not always get to one of the restaurants. Since receiving its first City Pantry order on August 30th 2016, Vita Mojo has fulfilled 594 orders to London’s hungry offices, all of them built to spec thanks to their unparalleled personalisation.


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