Meet the Caterer: Salad Days

salad days

A firm favourite at City Pantry HQ, we grabbed five minutes with the founder of Salad Days to talk inspirations, favourite foodie haunts and the biggest challenges faced along the way. 

What was your inspiration for Salad Days and how did it start? 

We started out doing festivals - Glastonbury, Latitude Festival, that sort of thing! We wanted to find a healthy alternative to the festival theme. Once that was conquered, we looked elsewhere and how to add Salad Day’s into peoples eating experience! In the corporate world sandwiches were standard affair so we wanted to offer a healthy and tasty alternative!

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you founded Salad Days? 

Testing and tweaking our recipes! We’re really keen on feedback and want to give people exactly what they want! We’re trying to find the balance between healthy and tasty; we’re getting there! We have our salads but also our dark chocolate brownies and flapjacks. It’s good to have everything in balance rather than extremes!

How did you start out with City Pantry? 

One of City Pantry’s first food vendors, been with City Pantry since the beginning! We’ve grown through that and love the partnership! You’re always helpful and supportive! The communication is great. We enjoy the partnership thoroughly!

What is your most interesting or fun experience from your time as founder of Salad Days? 

In terms of working with City Pantry; we love doing the large clients and big events, that’s what we excel at! Also we did a pop-up for Mothercare with Adam & Eve promoting healthy eating.

What would you name as your favourite package from Salad Days? 

Our favorite is probably one of the platters! It means that you get a bit of everything, a great variety. What’s always really popular is our Peri Peri Chicken Platter- 5 different salads and a pudding of your choice!

We love to hear our caterer's favourite haunts... Favourite restaurant in London and why? 

We’re based in Hackney so would have to be Pidgin! It’s in Hackney Central and it’s really interesting modern European cuisine; quite forward-thinking and a new menu everyday. A really cool little place.

Favourite food blogger and why? 

Deliciously Ella! Good for everything healthy. We also follow Gizzi Erskine. Her Instagram is really, really good! A mixture of her own recipes and restaurants she’s eaten at.

If you could be mentored by any chef, who would it be and why? 

I think if I could be mentored… Tom Kerridge! He’s definitely a foodie. He does really tasty wholesome fresh food. Either him or Ottolenghi! In terms of salads and freshness of flavours and Middle-Eastern things coming in!

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