Meet the Caterer: King's Kitchen


Dedicated food-lover and all-round City Pantry favourite King Enekeme is founder and managing director of King’s Kitchen, a west-London based caterer specialising in flavours inspired by the capital’s wonderfully varied influences and food culture. We sat down with him to talk about his experience in building his business and what drives him.

How did you start out with City Pantry? 

We began working with City Pantry back in January 2014 during the time when we were doing pop up events. We saw it as a great opportunity for us to expand into corporate catering and to gain further brand awareness.

Why did you start King’s Kitchen? 

The company was founded on my passion for great-tasting, good-looking food ­- serious foundations! I'm a huge foodie and I've always loved to share my spirit and enthusiasm with others.

King's Kitchen was launched as a company in 2011. As a chef, I'd been given the role of unofficial caterer at countless parties and family barbecues, which led to requests to cater for other events. It became clear that this was how I could best express my passion for food, and a new business was born.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you founded your company? 

Finding the right people with the same passion and drive to make the vision a reality. My strong work ethic is something I take pride in, and I believe I share this with the great team of people I¹m privileged to work with here.


If I wanted to go into the catering industry, what would your best advice be? 

Make sure you're passionate and dedicated for the journey that you're about to embark on, as it entails long hours, sleepless nights and not great money to begin with. It's very stressful so you have to be prepared to be patient for it to kick off even on the days where you feel like giving up, just remember why you started it!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

Hopefully an international brand with other products under our belt as well as our food!

So, onto the good stuff - the food! What would you most recommend from your menu? 

All of it! No, but seriously, my personal favourite is our jerk chicken sandwiches. They're not to be missed. 

How do you come up with new recipes? 

Our menus are dictated by what’s seasonal. I travel a lot so I pick up new ideas from wherever I go.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 

Chicken - it's very easy, quick to prepare and you can do so much with it!

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