Looking back on #Lunchbombed!

121 people fed

3 delighted offices

275 bits of sushi delivered

35 mouth-watering burgers

1011 entrants from Kensington to Shoreditch to Mayfair

7 members of City Pantry staff delivering joy (and food)!

Lunchbombed started as a way to add a bit of excitement to Friday lunchtime (and say thank you to all our loyal customers!) and has grown into an event that involves half the City Pantry team dashing round London in matching outfits!

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Lunchbombed is a competition that sees the winner an office hero; winning a free lunch from one of our top vendors for their entire office. Underneath the mounds of delicious burritos and brownies, there is a more profound message we at City Pantry try to convey; the importance of sharing a meal with your team.

Numerous studies have extolled the virtues of eating together as a team, but sometimes in reality, with looming deadlines and impending disasters, these benefits take a back seat:

  • Bringing the team together as a community boosts productivity -  it allows the group to talk about what they know best: your company and the business

  • Eating together fosters inclusion and development, and adds transparency between the departments

  • A final one - food simply brings happiness!

Academic studies aside, and from personal experience, we believe eating together makes a happy team. Hopefully, the lucky Lunchbombed winners from May, June and July would say the same thing!

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Here are our lucky winners...

May: Foodit were the lucky recipients of Best of British Burgers from Patty and Bun and gooey Salted Caramel brownies from Bad Brownie - there were smiles all round from that team!


June: Conversocial were the second winners feasting on hand-crafted sushi platters from Sushi Rolls and moreish chocolate cakes from CakeHole.


July: On Friday, Nesta were surprised with delicious burritos and salads from Benito’s Hat, all washed down with a handmade selection of cakes from Fork Deli Patisserie - they didn’t last long!