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The tastiest Margherita pizzas you can order in London

It's an Italian classic for a reason. 

Fresh tomato sauce. Oozing mozzarella. A thin, blistered crust. 

The Margherita is an Italian classic for a reason. And while it's probably not your go-to order, the humble Margherita remains a reliable benchmark for judging a good pizza joint. And with more pizza places in London than you can shake a rolling pin at, the need to separate the good from the bad has never been greater. 

So to help make ordering pizza for the office even easier, we're rounding up a list of the best Margherita pizzas in London. 

Pizza Pilgrims

pizza pilgrims

If you're after a truly authentic Neapolitan pie, these are your guys. Brothers James and Thom Eliot, the duo behind Pizza Pilgrims, learned the tricks of their trade over the course of a six-week tour of Southern Italy which they did in a tiny Piaggio van. A kind of pizza pilgrimage, if you will.

Since then, Pizza Pilgrims have come to specialise in the Neapolitan style, delivering to London a short menu with big crusts and even bigger flavours - just as it should be. And when it comes to their Margherita? The mozzarella is fior di latte (cow's milk cheese), the dough is soft and supple rather than crisp, and you can get the entire pizza for just £7.50. Does it get any better than that? We think not. 

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homeslice margherita pizza

If you've heard of Homeslice, you've probably heard of their off-the-wall toppings. There's oxtail and watercress. Kimchi and porcini cream. Kale, onions and dukkah. Dukkah. On a pizza. How's that for artisan? 

But despite the toppings at Homeslice being a bit out there - they still do one of the meanest Margherita's in London. Picture the softest dough, fresh but not overly-sweet tomato sauce, mounds of mozzarella plus basil and oregano. It's so good you'll want to finish every last crumb of this bad boy, which you probably won't manage, because every pizza at Homeslice is 20-inches wide. But that won't stop you trying. 

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Hai Cenato

Hai Cenato margherita pizza

At Hai Cenato - the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton - it's not a Margherita but a London Mozzarella, with all the ingredients of the classic Italian pizza, just minus the name. There's still the same soft dough, delicious tomato sauce and an abundance of mozzarella. 

And frankly, you don't need anything more when it's this good. With a perfectly-cooked sourdough base and top-quality sauce and cheese, any additions would only lessen the impact. And the impact is mighty at Hai Cenato

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Voodoo Ray's

Voodoo Ray's Margherita pizza

The creative and downright outrageous toppings at Voodoo Ray's are perfect for the start of your lunch break or the end of your night out, but Ray's Margherita deserves a special place in your heart, too. 

With the holy trinity of fiore di latte mozzarella, Napoli tomato sauce and basil adorning a 22-inch mammoth pizza, this whole classic combination is elevated by the most obvious addition - that's right, more cheese, followed by even more cheese. So for the cheesiest Margherita pizza in London: you now know where to look. 

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NY Fold

NY Fold margherita pizza

When it comes to buying Margherita pizza by the slice, nowhere has really nailed it like NY Fold. The perfect size for folding, each slice arrives with a crispy and airy crust, lashings of homemade tomato sauce and all topped with a 60-day aged mozzarella that's sourced from an award-winning farm in Caserta, Italy. 

And when you consider all that - a slice of Margherita from NY Fold really is as good as it gets. 

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Whether it's for lunch, weekend-working or as the main event for after-work drinks, sometimes you just need a Margherita pizza delivered to your office.

And if you're not a fan of the humble Margherita? Read about the best places for pizza office delivery in London instead. Or if you want to see all the pizza available for office delivery in your area? Just start here. 

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