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London’s 10 best places for croissants

The perfect croissant can be difficult to find in London. Difficult, but not impossible.

Delicate. Flaky. Buttery.

Is there a better breakfast than a croissant? In two words: Absolutely not. The cornerstone of any proper patisserie, the perfect croissant can be difficult to find in London. Difficult, but not impossible.

That’s because London’s best bakeries serve up some of the world’s finest croissants every single day. And to show you just what we mean, we’re rounding up the best croissants in London. Plus, order these from City Pantry, and you’ll skip the morning rush entirely.

Dominique Ansel

Dominique Ansel Cronut

Dominique Ansel gave the pastry world the gift it didn’t know it wanted. The Cronut, a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, has been hailed as one of the greatest food inventions of all time. And after just one taste of this gratuitous creation, you’ll know why.

The team at Dominique Ansel even change up the flavours of their Cronut every month, focusing on seasonality and ingredients inspired by each bakery’s location. Want to taste the flavour on offer this month?

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PAUL UK Bakery croissants

Over one-hundred years experience from their family of French bakers goes into every single one of PAUL’s croissants. So you know they should be good.

And reader: they are. Rich and tasty with a crisp crust and a delicious soft centre, the croissants from PAUL prove that the classic croissant is a classic for a reason.

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Ole & Steen

Ole & Steen croissants

If you jumped on the hygge craze, you’re going to love Ole & Steen. If you don’t know what hygge means, you’ll still love Ole & Steen.

Danish bakery veterans with more than 50 bakeries, queues form around the corner in Denmark and London alike for Ole & Steen’s freshly baked croissants and famous pastries. But luckily, you can beat the queues by getting Ole & Steen delivered instead.

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Dum Dums

Dum Dums croissant cronut

Croissant meets doughnut. What's not to love?

And with the bold vision of creating 'the best croissant doughnut in the world', Dum Dums are certainly going about it in the right way with their indulgent and gooey fillings. We're talking Nutella-infused butter cream. Almond and pistachio. Salted caramel and a Lotus biscuit crumb. Do you need a sit down? Us too. 

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Comptoir Gourmand

Comptoir Gourmand croissants

As you'd hope given their overtly french name, Comptoir Gourmand offers a vast selection of delicate, beautifully presented patisserie treats for you to work your way through. And of course, some of the best croissants in London.

With fruit-filled or cheese-packed or even chorizo-flavoured croissants, it can be difficult to know where to start at Comptoir Gourmand. If you ask us? Stick with the premium French breakfast platter. Two pain au chocolats and two almond croissants. Things don’t get much tastier than that before 9AM.

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Le Montmartre

Le Montmartre croissants

Baked in batches, warm to touch and with a subtly caramelised finish that melts on your tongue. That’s the croissants from Le Montmartre in a nutshell.

And do we really need to say more?

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Gail’s Bakery

Gail's Bakery croissants

With bakeries scattered all across London, you probably already know that Gail’s is a go-to for a sweet chai and a croissant.

But let us be clear - Gail’s don’t serve just any croissants. On their menu they have the most indulgent, sweet and sticky pastry fusing the classic pain au chocolate with the moist marzipan goodness of an almond croissant. It’s their chocolate and almond croissant. And it needs to be tried to be believed.

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The Watch House

The Watch House almond croissants

The morning commute is hard enough without the desperate thought of a soggy and bland croissant waiting for you in the office. That’s why The Watch House is a bakery worth knowing.

We love seeing an almond croissant the size of your head, but especially when they are as delicious as the freshly baked ones at The Watch House. You’ll need a knife and fork to tackle this one. And maybe a dinner plate too, actually.

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De Beauvoir Deli

De Beauvoir Deli croissants

Once you’ve tasted the croissants from De Beauvoir Deli, your breakfast will never be the same again.

A dreamy, messy, buttery affair with an outer shell that breaks away in a shower of golden crumbs. Inside is layer after layer of silken dough, dense but not weighty, and soft but not undercooked, with a flavour that’s all honeyed butter cream with a hint of sea salt. Yes, they really are that good.

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Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien

There are times when you have to rip up the rulebook and go against tradition. But sometimes, absolutely nothing beats the classics.

And that’s what Le Pain Quotidien bring to London’s croissant scene: a complete classic of a croissant. Picture layer after layer crafted with butter and paper-thin dough to create a croissant that’s both crispy and creamy all at once. It doesn’t get much better, does it?

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If you're suddenly craving a breakfast feast, we can deliver every last one of these delicious croissants to your office, all for the same price as going direct. And if you want to see what else we can deliver to you?

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