London’s 5 Best: Croissants



Croissants for breakfast — there's nothing better. London's best bakeries make it easy to enjoy this French delicacy, whether a classic, buttery pastry or a new school pastry filled with fresh, seasonal ingredients. We love croissants, so here's our City Pantry guide to the 5 best croissants in London. And if you just want to start eating, check out our full range of croissant options. 

Dominique Ansel

New York dessert guru Dominque Ansel is best known for his pastry works of art, as well as the invention of the best cronut in London. Predictably, he knows his way around laminated dough: flaking, buttery croissants that are checked for layers every single day. Then posted on Instagram, obviously. 

And the best bit? You can order Dominique Ansel through us.

Pophams Bakery

New darling of the London scene Pophams has become famous for its unorthodox pastries, filled with rhubarb,
pistachio or crème patissière. The most famous croissant, however, is the maple bacon: sweet, salty, serious pastry.

Little Bread Pedlar

Little Bread Pedlar have been supplying London's best cafés and restaurants for years, delivering some of London's best croissants by bike. The bakery is based in Spa Terminus, and is a serious must-visit for any serious croissantarians. 



It might seem obvious that a classic French bakery would sell some of London's best croissants. A classic French bakery does sell some of London's best croissants. This Kensington shop turns out breakfast for the area's vocal French population, and their flaking, crisp croissants are the stars of the show.

Sans Pere

Another new school bakery, baking croissants in Old Street. Patisserie is the speciality, with tarts and gateaux an able supporting cast: a place to keep the croissant classic, as it's already one of London's best less than a year after the shop opened. 


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