Chef's Table: James Ramsden

James Ramsden is a top-notch food writer and cook. He presents a weekly podcast, The Kitchen Is On Fire, about food mostly. For him, a breakfast with a view is everything - and it tastes better after a good walk.


You’re going out for a weekend breakfast. Where do you go?

More often than not it'll be the Pavilion Café in Victoria Park, though if we can face the schlep Dishoom is worth the journey.


What’s great about it and what do you regularly order?

It means we can give the dog (and ourselves) a good walk before breakfast, and it's in a beautiful setting on a lake. If you get there early enough you can avoid the screaming kids, or at least the ones you're not responsible for. The staff is lovely, the coffee is top-drawer, and the bacon sandwiches are pretty difficult to improve on.


What is your everyday breakfast?

Ranging from nothing much at all to a banana to porridge to muesli. I do like porridge.


Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

To be honest I find I can function perfectly well without it. But a good breakfast is a fine thing.


Tell us about your best breakfast abroad. Or about the country that does breakfast the best.

It's hard to beat a good, flaky, buttery croissant with a smear of extra butter for good measure, a dollop of jam, a strong coffee, and warm sun in France.


Where is the best place to eat breakfast in London that we won't have heard of?

My local cafe Hatch, in Homerton, is a great spot, and if you're lucky they'll have Alex from 26 Grains doing the best porridge you've ever eaten.

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