How to: Halloween Dinner Party Cocktails

Jenna is our guest foodie blogger who has been writing her blog, Hogg's Homemade, since early 2015. She was inspired to start writing after realising her daily commute meant she rarely had time to make the long recipes in magazines. Her last recipe for us was an Autumn Salad designed for people who also love to cook, but have busy lives. 

This October, Jenna is bringing us a four part special for those of you thinking of throwing a dinner party on Halloween, which will take us right through from creepy cocktails, a spooky starter, a maleficent main course to a deadly dessert


 Halloween Dinner Party

Part 1: Halloween Cocktails

With Halloween just around the corner I thought what a great excuse to get all my friends together and have a scary dinner party.

Gone are the Uni days when dressing up as one of the seven deadly sins and drinking 2 for 1 WKDs all night is a good idea. But I’m still up for a night of drinking and indulging in multiple courses themed around 31st October.

I riffled through social media to get inspiration for scary starters, morbid mains and deadly desserts and settled on a three course menu that’s easy to make and won’t break the bank.

And what better way to top a dinner party than to have a few crazy cocktails up your sleeve to impress your guests with. I’m all about the gin so I’ve taken my simple favourites and given them a Halloween twist.

Look out for my three course Halloween dinner party recipes posted here in the run up to the 31st. But for now sit back with an after work cocktail and start planning your table decorations. Enjoy.

Lime Snot-tail
1 part gin
½ part lime cordial
4 parts soda water
1-2 drops of green food colouring
Sugar and red food colouring to decorate

1. Dye your sugar with the red food colouring.
2. Dip the top of your glass into the sugar to make the red rim.
3. Mix together your cocktail ingredients then add a few drops of green food colouring to make your perfect snot colour.
4. Pour into your glass and enjoy.


Elder Juice
1 part gin
1 part elderflower cordial
4 parts soda water
Cucumber to decorate

1. Using a sharp knife or cocktail stick, cut out your Halloween cucumber faces. I also used a spiralizer to make the curly cucumber decoration.
2. Mix together your cocktail ingredients and pour into your glass.
3. Decorate with your cucumber.



Thank you Jenna, for Part 1 of this spooky special! We are very much looking forward to reading the Halloween recipes you have in store for us in the next coming weeks.