How To Ensure Your Office Party Is A Hit

Whether it’s for summer, Christmas or the celebration of hitting a company milestone, having an office party can be a great way to lift morale by rewarding your team and strengthening working relationships.

However, while a good idea in theory, the actual execution of a staff event can be a problem, with too many parties failing to hit the right notes by being badly catered, hosted in an unsuitable venue or generally not satisfying the needs of your team.

So, how do you ensure the party you host is a hit, something of legend that will keep your staff happy and talking about it for years to come?

Here are our top tips on how to throw the best office bash:

1) Stock it with awesome food! It’s simple, but incredibly effective.

First and foremost, a party filled with hungry people is no party at all. But we’re not talking bowls of cheesy wotsits and cold slices of cardboard pizza. Show your staff you care and make sure you adorn the tables with salted caramel sandwich brownie bites, beautiful sandwiches stuffed with mackerel pate and mixed leaves and bowls and bowls of more-ish salad to keep the vibe healthy.

Suddenly the office buffett has become cool again.

Of course having a well catered office party also helps line stomach – a wise idea at staff events, especially if you want people talking about it for all the right reasons.

2) Theme it

If you want to give your employees a chance to let their hair down as a reward for a period of hard work or good results, a themed party can be a great way to gather enthusiasm for an event. Whether it be pirates, doctors or jungle animals, give your staff a chance to show off their creative talents and perhaps even give a prize for the best outfit!

Saying that, not all parties can manage joke outfits - you might want to encourage more sophisticated behaviour if the event is being held to commemorate a key date or anniversary. This doesn’t have to be stuffy and can be sparked up by narrowing the formal theme to a specific time frame or country.

Whatever the purpose, it is always wise to establish a concept, even if is loose, to help staff understand the motive of the event and behave appropriately

3) Location, location, location

Venue is key. Firstly, have a real think about how many people you are expecting to come and plan accordingly. Then ask yourself the questions: what do people want from a venue?

You want a venue that allows clear access to the bar, food and bathrooms as well as any other entertainment features, yet is small enough to never appear empty (well not ‘til the end anyway!).

Even if you don’t have the budget to hire a swanky venue, your office party can still hit all the right notes if you plan properly and of course, always take disabled access into account.

4) Organised fun is a good thing

Party games aren’t just for children’s birthdays - they can be fun, honest! If you are a small, tight-knit team this will come naturally, but if you are a larger, more organic network, a staff party can be an awkward event without any form of ice-breakers.

Encourage a bout of activities or team games. Even if staff initially turn their noses up at playing ‘party games’ it’s amazing how quickly enthusiasm comes once the games begin!

5) Get outside help

As with all things, the key to a successful office party is planning and preparation, but when you have many other tasks to juggle this can become stressful. It therefore, makes lots of sense to make things as easy as possible for yourself. City Pantry have hundreds of London’s coolest food vendors on their books and can tailor packages to your specific needs, sometimes with only 24 hours’ notice.


Here are our top food recommendations to get your party started:

Canapes The Frenchie by Blue Pudding Catering

Pitta Pocket Platter by Hummus Bros

Cake Platter by Cakehole