How Corporate Catering is Helping London’s Food Vendors Succeed

While it’s amazing what a little sunshine can do in getting Londoners to part with their cash, sometimes, as a London food vendor, you need a little more than the promise of summer to make ends meet. In fact, running a food business is both one of the most popular start-up trades to enter and one of the most difficult in which to succeed.

So why not make things a bit easier and look into adding corporate catering to your repertoire?

No longer the provider of soggy prawn sandwiches to stuffy 80’s meetings, corporate trading has actually become increasingly popular with London employers looking to keep their staff satisfied with a choice of juicy burgers, tempting pulled pork, and the crispiest of salads all onsite.

In today’s competitive market more and more businesses, especially tech start-ups, feel the need to both, provide their staff with exciting meals onsite and impress clients with innovatively catered meetings. There is, therefore, huge amounts of opportunity for London food vendors to obtain a lot of extra business if they can connect with these companies. By joining forces with a corporate caterer, vendors can cut out the middle man and get their wares seen by thousands of extra potential customers, many of whom want to order big and often.

So, as a regular source of income, it’s unsurprising many vendors are signing up to feed hungry London workers who don’t want to leave the comfort of their own offices.

But there are more benefits than just the extra income; firstly receiving orders at least a day in advance allows you to plan ahead and prepare food in previously quiet times, reducing staff cost.

It also provides a steady cash-flow. For even if you have a reduced footfall (rainy summers – we are looking at you!) your corporate orders will still stand, perfect for slow days.

It also provides your brand with greater exposure, both on the caterer’s marketing platform and through word of mouth. Given that, according to business experts, being able to market your product or brand is actually more important to food businesses than being a good cook, this can be an exceptionally valuable aspect of corporate catering for small food vendors.

If that wasn’t enough, working with an umbrella catering company can also help you determine your price points, as your product will be comparably priced with your competitors.


So, what’s stopping you?


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