Covent Garden: Where to buy Your Christmas Cheeses

Jenna is our guest foodie blogger who has been writing her blog, Hogg's Homemade, since early 2015. This week, Jenna reccomends the best selection of Cheeses for your board at Christmas...


Covent Garden: Where to buy your Christmas cheeses

For me, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the traditional after dinner cheese board. Having volunteered to host this year’s big day means I’ve already starting thinking about what’s on the menu and all the food I need to buy.

Working out of Covent Garden for a while now I’ve got to know the great places to eat and shop; and one thing this part of London does have is cheese shops. In order to find the best Christmas cheese for my guests I bought a selection, opened a bottle of red and invited the girls round for an evening of cheese tasting and critiquing. Here are the results to help you buy the best fromage around…



  1. Borough Cheese Company; 14 month Gouda (£27.50 per kg)

Outside Charring Cross station Wednesday – Friday you’ll find the Borough Cheese Company market stall. On the scene since 2003 this stall sells a limited number of cheeses carefully selected to cater for all. The Gouda (correctly pronounced ‘How-dar’) is a Dutch cheese that is safe on any cheese board, its smoky taste went down well with the red wine and grapes, but perhaps a little dry in texture for some.

Average star rating: 3/5

Perfect location for: A cheese for all occasions




  1. Neal’s Yard; Colston Bassett Stilton (£24.65 per kg)

Well known by the regulars of Covent Garden and Borough Market, Neal’s Yard sells an impressive selection of cheeses, piled high across their counters. The staff inside know what they’re talking about and helped me to select a blue cheese that for me was the best of its kind. Not everyone’s cup of tea and was described by one friend as having a ‘farmyard aftertaste,’ (something I can sympathise with but quite enjoyed!) however for blue cheese lovers this Stilton was creamy and flavoursome but not too strong.

Average star rating: 3/5

Perfect location for: A wide choice of specialty cheese



Credit: Neal's Yard Website


  1. Champagne + Fromage; Brillat-Savarin affiné (£4 per quart)

This bistro and shop sells exactly what it says on the tin; multiples of bubbles and cheese. I picked up a gorgeous Brie that was melt in the mouth divine. The cheese cuts like butter and is a perfect complement with French stick and chutney. A cheese that doesn’t suits all palates and described by a couple of the girls as ‘pungent’ but if you’re a Brie lover this is the one to buy.

Average star rating: 4/5

Perfect location for: Top authentic French cheese





  1. Marks and Spencer; Ashley Chase Cheddar Truckle (£3.20 per cheese)

I finish my cheese selection with a classic Cheddar from M&S. There are many great cheeses that come from our local supermarkets and they offer a selection that is more affordable than the individual cheesemongers. This wheel of Cheddar might be a little pricey for a supermarket cheddar but its medium, tangy taste is a supper time winner worth the price tag, looking very posh wrapped in its dark wax jacket.

Average star rating: 4/5

Perfect location for: A posh cheese at value


So this Christmas take a wonder into Covent Garden and browse the shops to build your perfect cheese board– nothing says Christmas like a night in with friends, cheese, mulled wine and Michael Bublé tracks playing on loop.