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The absolute food essentials for your office summer party

5 ideas to make the food at your summer party pop. 

The office summer party is the highlight of the office calendar, after the weekly finance catch-up. The perfect party is a perfect storm: a beautiful venue, drinks flowing, and the perfect summer party food. Also, no actual storms.

So once you've got your boss on board, here's some ideas to make the food at your summer office party pop, all delivered by City Pantry. 

Pop-ups are something special 

The perfect option if you’ve got some outdoor space, or a big indoor venue, with City Pantry customising everything to your needs. Get people involved with choosing their party food, whether it’s hand-rolled sushi from The Sushi Chef, build-your-own tacos from Benito’s Hat, or an ice-cream made in front of their eyes on frozen pans from Pan ’n’ Ice. Pop-ups often allow for bespoke flexibility, customisable to your London team’s unique needs. 

Don't even think about skipping dessert 

A range of sweet and savoury options lets people nibble as they choose: the office party is one of those times when eating brownies and ice-cream for dinner is beyond acceptable. Mix it up: a huge cheeseboard from Buchanan’s Cheesemonger is an easy, sophisticated win.

Bowl food is a winner 

If it’s good enough for Meghan and Harry, it’s good enough for your office food. To be clear: putting food in a bowl and serving it is neither new, nor a trend, nor unique. But it is cool right now. Why? We don’t know. But get behind it and your teammates will appreciate it. They’ll probably Instagram it too.

Get the theme right 

There's no doubt about it, picking a theme can often ‘make’ your summer office party. Whether it’s a beach theme, a luau theme, an American-style BBQ theme, it gives your guests some guidance in terms of what they should wear and what they can expect. It will also make decorating the party venue a lot easier, not to mention the food and drink you’ll be ordering from us. 

Diets and allergies made easy 

We know one of the hardest things to get right is the food. No-one wants to go hungry at the summer office party, and with a raft of dietaries it’s easy to have things slip through.

But with over 350 of London's best restaurants, caterers and street vendors on our platform, plus dedicated account managers here to help you tailor everything around your team's dietary requirements, we've got your office party catering covered. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a look through some of our incredible office pop-ups for your summer party.

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