Vendor of the Week - The Skinny Bakery

Our vendor this week saw a growing trade in the food market and the noticeably rise of the health-conscious food consumer. Skinny, the word often used to describe the physical form has manifested itself into cafes and restaurants as well as products on the shelves to show consumers the proposed ‘healthy’ option, most noticeable was with the rise of the coffee shops came the skinny latte. With her scientific know how our vendor was always curious whether these products were good for you and whether true healthy alternatives could really be made of the foods we love.

Mariella, founder of ‘The Skinny Bakery’ was always a keen home baker, having used her time in the kitchen as a form of therapeutic retreat. Having noticed this growing trend, Mariella put her knowledge into practice and experimented with trying to make delicious and low-calorie alternatives to our bakery favourites. She openly admits her earlier experimentation was somewhat wild often substituting ingredients in a recipe with anything she could find in the cupboard.

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From a Swiss and Italian background, Mariella has a history of fine food and a family which has worked in baking and hospitality alike. For years, she had the urge to open her own business and with the refinement of her experimental baking, this dream became a reality. In 2012, when ‘The Skinny Bakery’ started out, Mariella would sell their goods into offices and shops by just popping in – she still claims that this is the most invaluable time for her business as she learnt a lot from her customers as to what they wanted.

The Skinny Bakery today is a specialist in providing ‘lighter’ or skinny versions of your favourite sweet and savoury baked goods. They substitute fats for egg whites, low fat yogurt, fruit and vegetable purees as we as tofu to keep the calories at bay. Their cakes also provide an excellent source of protein and are reduced in sugar. 100g of their famous ‘Skinny Chocolate Pearls’ contain less sugar than an apple and around half of the sugar and fat of its main equivalent. Many of the cakes are also available dairy and gluten free.

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