Office Manager Blog: Special Food Occasions

Yesterday was the much anticipated Pancake day where not only do you find people sharing their home made delights on social media but more often these days, you see pictures throughout the day from offices and businesses alike which have treated their employees to an array of the Shrove Tuesday treat. Pancake day is a classic example of where businesses feel they can engage with their staff by holding an in-house food giveaway as a one off surprise.

If every day catering isn't something your business provides, it is likely that staff will see free food as a positive employee engagement whether this is provided at an event or during themed days of the year. Taking the opportunity to bring staff together around food at one of these types of event is also a great chance to make employees from different sides of the business interact which is invaluable for a good company culture.

Something strange happens as a business grows however and you may have found this depending on the size of business you work in. Small businesses or start-ups tend to hold one off events and treat employees to food incentives and this is often met with a huge appreciation and everyone will join in due to the close-knit nature of the team. As a business grows, people feel less inclined even when food is calling to get involved. Here are some go to tips for rounding up the stranglers to your in-house food event:

Email the office - You may have done this in advance of the event but don't hesitate to give a little poke about 5 mins prior. People may have just forgotten but often staff work on impulse when the mail lands in their inbox.

Walk some food around - Don't go taking a trolley round the office because you'll defeat the point of getting staff together but take your best looking plate and entice the anti-social with your tempting offering.

Share a photo - Sharing a photo of the crowd building and enjoying what you've laid on will encourage others to join. Share it via email shortly after you've kicked off! Hopefully, you can rely on your staff to do it themselves - #SELFIE!

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