Vendor of the Week: The Little Cooking Pot

The Little Cooking Pot truly embodies how the love of food and a truly passionate cook can turn a hobby into a lifestyle. Sarah, the founder of one our early vendors, is both a well-travelled and enthusiastic cook who gets joy from sharing her food with others.


'The Little Cooking Pot' started as Supper Club at Sarah’s house when she could squeeze 10 people around a makeshift MDF table. Originally only held as a way of getting friends together who didn't know each other and as a way of testing her recipes amongst her nearest and dearest. The supper club started to grow and needed a bigger venue until eventually Sarah made the move into the Bodega50 cafe in Stoke Newington where you can still enjoy one of her infamous events. Here is an example of her menu:


While she specialises in vegan and vegetarian food, with a particular love for Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, Sarah proves that often the perception of no meat leading to a bad meal is far from the case.

"The majority of my customers are actually meat eaters….I get a lot of carnivores saying after that have eaten saying 'oh I thought I was still going to be hungry after that but i'm stuffed'! If my food inspires people to eat less meat and see that with a bit of love and time, vegetables can taste good, that's incredible!"

Demonstrating across breakfast, lunch and dinner options that vegetarian and vegan cuisine around the world is delicious, this is what is available on City Pantry:

Rocket Fuel Breakfast (£7 per head)


Middle Eastern Lunchbox (£7.50 per head)


Indian Feast (£10 per head)


Order any of ‘The Little Cooking Pot’ packages this week for 10% off using code COOKINGPOT.

Sarah also published her first cookbook at the end of last year. Mallah is a travel diary come cookbook of the time she spent in India. It's full of the photographs, stories and recipes that she found during her adventure, traveling around and staying with different families. You can buy it online here!