Vendor of the Week: Karma Cans

Now it’s February and with the first signs of snow in London, your motivation to go out and get fit may be dwindling. Fear not as our vendor of the week is here to help - with their healthy salad options, happy bicycle delivery staff and fun loving attitude they are the perfect encouragement for you to enjoy the chance to get fit.

Karma Cans was founded by Eccie, once a student of Terrorism and Conflict at LSE which later turned to the blowtorch as a chef as opposed to blowing up anything else. After a stint of working in both the UK and the south of France, Eccie worked in Mumbai, a true heart land of flavour in food and she noticed that many of the workers had their lunches delivered in tins otherwise known as ‘tiffins’. This system that Eccie had seen became the basis for Karma Cans business and the ethos of sustainability which it encouraged inspired her. With a great idea in her sights she later joined with her sister Gini to form the great business they have today.


Karma Cans now deliver all tiffin tins by bicycle as well as pick them up after so they can be reused so that minimum wastage is used throughout their delivery process - a lunch which will leave you feeling completely ethically friendly. When ordering from City Pantry, you may otherwise their packaged lunches but don’t panic, this packaging is made out of cellulose which may look like plastic but is completely compostable and is source from eucalyptus plantations in Australia where its grow sustainably - isn’t that marvelous!


Now to the food….. every salad served is £8 and for this week only is £7.20! Their menu changes daily meaning when you order from Karma Cans meaning you can speak to them directly about what you want.


Examples of what you might find:

  • Sous vide salmon fillet with Salt baked beetroot, puy lentil and charred mange tout salad, lambs lettuce, toasted seeds.
  • Ham Hock croquettes, Fresh mustard mayo, chicory salad, rocket and broad beans and peas, dressed in salt and lemon
  • (Veggie Option) Massaman pumpkin curry, Ground peanuts, fried curry leaves, fresh grated turmeric and coriander root, roasted cashews, green beans, Thai basil and brown rice

All of these can be delivered especially by tiffin tin or in their sustainable cellulose packaging.

Use the code KARMA at the checkout all this week to receive 10% off your order of these sustainably sourced healthy lunches for you and your team.