Vendor of the Week: Arawak

Arawak was founded by two brothers, Robert and Stephen Robinson who actually first started the venture as a bet which has proven both a fulfilling and profitable one for both of them. Inspired by their family heritage which was rooted in the West Indies, Robert particularly was captured by the world of food and the belief of running his own business was bestowed upon him by his father.


Robert went on to later as a Conran Chef apprentice where he became a Cordon bleu and expert dessert maker. He has used these fine skills to careful balance a mixture of European flavours into this Jamaican food, creating a unique array of fusion dishes with Caribbean style.

Originally the Caribbean was colonised by a number of cultures including the British, French and Spanish. With a diverse population, came some of the most interesting and flavoursome foods in the world. The islands held a close relationship to the sea and often have an exotic range of seafood as well as chicken and pork dishes which delight. All of this is well represented in the dishes that Arawak (the word which stands for the indigenous people of the Caribbean) serve.

Whilst you can’t pop in a visit the brothers for one of their wholesome meals, you can be sure your office will be happy when you order any of the following from City Pantry.

‘Wings and Ting’s’, a dish which combines their BBQ wings marinated in a secret blend of herbs and spices served with roast potatoes and coleslaw salad. £8.50 per head.


Their famous Greenwich Market monster wrap with pulled port & spicy jerk chicken, rice & peas, coleslaw and salad. £8 per head.


As our vendor of the week you can now order from Arawak this week to get 10% off using code ARAWAK. Order here.