Avoiding January Blues - Don't lose good staff!

January is a difficult time to manage the office and your people. Often people come back with serious ‘blues’ around the fact Christmas is over and their next holiday isn’t for months! Also, a high proportion of people who weren’t happy before the break will have spent the holiday period exploring new opportunities so you may find that your staff are sat on the end of their seats when you come back. For those who have made the decision before they’ve come back, you may be too late however making sure the office provides a good environment for people during January may mean you end up keeping good talent you’d have otherwise lost.

Recent stats from Indeed.com recorded that January is the month when most people look to make a move with online job board searches increasing by 40%. Quite scary really!

Here are some quick tips for our Office Managers to avoid the problem:

  1. Set a company vision for the year - January is also a great time to be inspired and if staff can hear from one of your senior leaders on how they have great plans for the new year, you’ll likely convince your leavers there is something worth staying for.
  2. Do early appraisals - as well as company goals, people want to know about their own futures so within the first few weeks make sure people know about their own opportunity for development and progression.
  3. Set exciting targets - these don’t have to be obscure, they could just be weekly or monthly targets that get your team rewarded. It gives your people constantly something to look forward to throughout this dreary month. A City Pantry lunch might just do the trick!
  4. Share success stories - by remembering the great things you’ve achieved as a company your staff will be left feeling proud and also reluctant to leave knowing there is the opportunity to achieve great success again.
  5. Break the routine - do something different, do an event, do a team lunch…. whatever breaks the usual day to day in your office will take people’s mind away from leaving and the January blues syndrome

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