Vendor of the Week: Chao

In 1979, Joe Dang, our vendors founder left Hanoi City, Vietnam (where he was born), to look for freedom. He joined the 'boat people' on his journey to the West where he was crowded amongst many neighbouring Vietnamese people all looking for a better life - he used to act as the boats cook using the sea water to boil the rice for his dishes. After Joe moved to the UK as a young boy he was always reminded of his heritage and used to cook some of his great tasting Vietnamese food for friends and neighbours. Eventually inspired to cook for more than just the people he knew and wanting to share the amazing flavours with others, he started a street stall which has now grown to a top end lunch destination in East London’s White Cross market - Chao, his restaurant, was founded by Joe and four of his friends.


Whereas a lot of new boutique Asian restaurants charge top dollar for small mouthful sized meals, Chao scraps the convention of over-priced and under sized dishes. For no more than £5, you’ll likely be well fed by their range of hearty baguettes or for something less weighty you might choose one of their flavoursome soups. All in all, the broths are made over 8 hours - expect the usual explosion of Vietnamese flavours including chilli and coriander used in both beef or fish dishes.

Open Monday to Friday, this fast but delicious eatery always has a queue out the door for those in need of an interesting fix that goes beyond the packed lunch sandwich. For your chance to get Chao delivered, look no further than ordering for you and your colleagues from City Pantry.

Why not try this Rice Noodle Salad and Summer roll OR…..


….try these Vietnamese baguettes.


Order this week before 26th January for 10% off using code CHAO.