Vendor of the Week: Fittata - The Healthy Frittata Company

We’re all trying our best this month to stay strict to our healthy diets and New Years resolutions but this in no way means that the food you eat doesn’t have to be delicious. We’ll be giving you 10% off some of the most delicious and most healthy vendors all month so you get all the pleasure without the guilt.

Kicking off the month of fitness is South West London family run food company Fittata which specialise in ‘The Healthy Frittata’. Run by brother and sister pair Jake and Butty McConville both previously had careers in food but found their own carb-loaded lunches left them feeling both bored of choice and heavy stomached.

Jake, who is a trained chef by trade decided to take matters into his own hands and crafted the healthy frittata from scratch. A high protein, low in fat version of the Italian classic frittata which kept the equally same great taste - they are called ‘Fitties’ by their customers.

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Since inception of the ‘fitties’, the company has grown from strength to strength. Run out of their Brixton home kitchen, it demonstrates how a fantastic product can be so well received. While juggling his normal job, it got to the point which they were making up to 10 lunch boxes a day and Jake was cycle delivering them to peoples offices between shifts. As the orders kept coming he decided to drop his job and eventually also bring his sister on board to help them grow.

Still handmade freshly by Jake every day, these delicious little Fitties, are baked not fried, have never met a potato, are packed full of fresh seasonal ingredients, whilst also having the added health benefits of being high in protein, low in fat, free from gluten and white refined carbs, with absolutely no hidden ingredients. In fact it makes no logical sense not to be ordering these this January.

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For £6/7 per head these healthy and delicious parcels will keep you going all afternoon. With three different ‘Fittatas’ available in the Lunch Box package available there should be something for everyone:

  • Roasted Cauliflower, Kale & Smoked Pancetta
  • Red Pepper, Spinach & Goats Cheese (v)
  • Salmon, Broccoli & Mint

Order this week (before 19/01/2015) for 10% off using code FITTATA at the checkout.