City Pantry's New Year's Office Resolutions

So many of us try our best to go back to work thinking ‘this is a new start’ or ‘fresh beginnings’. It’s important that we have a positive attitude when heading back into the office for the first time but what resolutions are you making to truly make it stick? Here are some of our office life hacks to kick off the new year:


Don’t pass the buck - We all have a tendency to want to pass the buck and not accept the blame for something that might have gone wrong. The mentality of ‘i’ve sent it you now so it’s your problem’ is one we’ve all probably had or faced at one time or another. Remember more often than not you’re often on the same team so try to change your thinking to ‘how can I do as much as I can to help?’

Introduce yourself to someone new - Don’t hide away at your desk afraid of the new people that have joined the office otherwise you’ll find the first time that you need that person’s help you’ll have to introduce yourself - never cool! Take the more informal moments to ask how they’re getting along and perhaps think beyond work to ask what they enjoy personally. You never know, you might share something in common. Dare we say it but during an all office lunch is the perfect opportunity.

To join a company or external organisation in the area - January is the month we will ask questions about how we are progressing. It is easy to get disheartened during this cold and dreary month that we’re not moving forward in our career and poachers are often on the prowl. Try to think how you can develop beyond your job role either within the organisation or by joining something nearby.

To get along better with my boss and colleagues - An important resolution for those really looking to get promoted. It is essential to be respected within your close knit team and that is both on a working and personal capacity. Try and find more informal times to gauge your strengths and weaknesses amongst the people you work with and also use this time to win favour in a more informal situation.

City Pantry provide catering for some of the most innovative companies in London.
We believe there is no better time to realise these resolutions than while sharing lunch. Be inspired, take time to appreciate your colleagues and create the best company you can be.