Vendor of the Week: Mother Clucker

Most of us when we think of fried chicken might resort to buying from a well-known high street chain but you’d be mistaken to do this if you’re in the search of the tender loving care that southern american spiced chicken deserves. Ross and Brittney, founders of Mother Clucker, saw the opportunity in 2013 to entice lovers of fried chicken with their more premium and ultimately more tasty street food concept. Brittney, otherwise referred to as ‘Queen Cluck’ knows the flavour of good fried chicken from her childhood upbringing in New Orleans, US, and after spending over six months developing and taste testing the perfect fried chicken (sounds like a chore!) they were ready to deliver their recipe to the masses.


While launching some initial pop-ups throughout East London (at venues they are often invited back to) they were waiting on the final part of their concept to launch to the world. Their US ambulance truck was fully converted and ready for use as a chicken frying, grilling and spicing machine. It made its first appearance in the spring of 2013 and now resides at their main venue at Elys Yard just off London’s Brick Lane.


You’d think with all that the tender loving care, the marinating in a sweet tea brine, double coating in buttermilk and additional of the secret blend of spices that you’d be paying insatiable amounts for your chicken but fear not! A lot of what’s on offer at Mother Clucker is still under £10 and certainly isn’t compromising on quantity either. Ordering via City Pantry you’ll be looking around £8 per head and you can either get your finger lickin’ good hands on their classic Chickwich burger and fries or get alternatives like their spicy black eyed peas.

Thank god these guys come in an ambulance because you’ll be truly broken hearted when you finish your Mother Clucker meal!

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