International Christmas - Food Culture

Last week, we looked at Christmas food traditions from around Europe. We wrote about the gnomes that come and eat your porridge and the country which serves 12 courses for dinner. Whilst this festive season itself has the same meaning and importance to us all, often the traditional ways we celebrate it are quite different. We will now cross the Atlantic to discover even more traditional Christmas’ spent throughout the America’s and Canada.

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Brazilians celebrate the legend that animals gain the power of speech on Christmas night while children here get their presents in their shoes rather than stockings from Papa Noel.


Brazilians typically also have roast turkey as the centre of their Christmas dinner, similar to that of North America and Europe. However, for dessert they have something we’d only be used to seeing closer to breakfast. Rabanda, inherited from their mother country, Portugal, is like a french toast made with honey and port and often eaten after their festive meal.



In Jamaica, Christmas time is marked by the 'John Canoe' parade, which dates back to the times of slavery, where people dress up in wacky masks and costumes.


Throughout Jamaica, curried goat is a favourite for the main meal.



In the run up to Christmas time the Festival Of The Radishes sees farming folk carve the vegetables into human figures, including those from nativity scenes.


Prepared and cooked in a leaf wrapper, Mexicans are used to receiving the flavour of Christmas in tasty parcels called Tamales. Though they take some time and some effort, the final product is anything but a disappointment. They are bursting with authentic flavor that will give your Christmas a classic Mexican kick.


Canada is full of Christmas traditions as it is a country with a very diverse background. Some celebrate it with French traditions, others with English or German traditions. But one thing that ties all provinces together is the plethora of food eaten on Christmas Eve.


For a truly sweet ending to this article, Canada show you a classic festive treat. These Nanaimo bars are layered deliciousness, with crunch, custard and chocolate all adding to the mix.