Vendor of the Week: Rare Str'eat

Whether you would buy into the story behind why great street food vendors do what they do or you just purely think the food is great, Rare Str’eat have it all. The two founders met at school and seemingly had a shared passion for food and providing the highest quality produce for people to enjoy and out of this, Rare Str’eat, the brainchild was born. Whilst it wasn’t easy and the business wasn’t what it is today, they didn’t pass up the chance to start up at the heart of where good produce is sold and they remain a lifeblood of the famous Borough Market still to this day. They continue to use all their produce from around the market including their own rare breed butchery (Cumbrian Specialty Meats) which both defines their name and why they stand out in this competitive market of incredible meaty street eats.


Their butchery has a ‘farm to plate’ philosophy which means every order at their Rare Str’eat stall will have been hand picked and sent directly from the farm for serving on the day. They consider their Saddleback Pork and Herdwick lamb some of the finest across London with an unrivalled distinction for flavour, texture and taste. Oh what it must be like to be a fine connoisseur of rare breed meats.

Luckily for you, City Pantry has one of these rare meats in one of the Rare Str’eat packages which you can have delivered right to your door. Now considered their most well known dish, the Lamb Baahr’ito (king of the puns!) combines their Herdwick Lamb with wild rice, pomegranate seeds, salad and sauces such as harissa, all within a tortilla wrap. Order this today alongside some of the other ‘ito range from Rare Str’eat and you’ll get 10% off using code RARESTREAT.


If the traditional wrap doesn’t take your fancy and you want to get a little more festive, the guys have put together all you need to enjoy a Christmas a wrap! Why not take a look at the Christmas Dinner Roast’ito, again with 10% off using code RARESTREET.