Office Catering - Team Lunches

There are a lot of assumptions made about team lunches and to those who aren't able to enjoy the value-add of eating with your peers, these are very easy things to assume. Take for instance that you’re looking for a job at a new company and lunches are provided, it’s obvious to see the monetary benefit and that is really your only one take away. When actually what you may not realise is quite often lunch being provided may have a much greater cultural benefit than the one you first assumed.

Whilst it unfortunately still is the case that many of us find our days so hectic we will bury our head in work and eat lunch at the desk, you may find that over time this can lower your moral and eventually your work ethic. It is important for your employers to realise this and also to spot the need to encourage their staff to reach out to colleagues and take some time to away from the desk.

Having true team lunches should mean that you walk away learning as much about the person than you do their work. These times are great opportunities for people who work in larger businesses to learn about a function you may not understand but more often than not we know much less about the people we work with than what they do.

For businesses sometimes its harder to see the value-add to giving your staff time off but this really shouldn’t be questioned as the proven boosted moral will inevitably improve bottom line. Here are a few other quick hacks for arranging team lunches:

Get Creative - ordering the same lunch for your team can make the whole event feel quite staged and unnatural. By ordering from interesting places (maybe even street food vendors!) you give your staff a starting topic of conversation.

Smaller teams - sometimes ordering for everyone can be a hassle but why not split up into smaller groups and mix up with another team you’ve not met before. We can cater to all sizes of groups so they could order from City Pantry direct and we’ll manage the numbers.

Doesn’t have to be expensive - the immediate scare to all employers is blowing the budget but again with simple ordering with defined ‘per person’ amounts, City Pantry will make sure you can feed the whole team and within your budget.


Not convinced yet? Take this real life example from Jim Belosic, founder of Shortstack, who from experiences of his own and by listening to his team realised that ‘team lunches’ were integral to the working culture. He offered them the choice of $3,000 bonuses or the continued lunches… they’re still all eating together now. Read more.

City Pantry openly encouraged its staff to enjoy lunch together and inspire others to do so to. By ordering interesting food for the whole team, it gives your staff some time to come together with some common unity and enjoy the benefit as people rather than working colleagues. Order today for better time together as a team.