Vendor of the Week: Honey & Thyme

Based in East London, our vendor of the week is often serving customers which are used to stepping outside to some of the most fashionable eateries across the city. Whilst many of their competitors may chase the food trends and fads, our friends at Honey and Thyme stay true to what they know. Finding inspiration from food markets, pictures and blogs… they’re simply a group of talented chefs who just love food!

They follow a simple ethos:

  • Buy good locally grown, seasonal produce that already looks and smells good.
  • Keep cooking simple, good food does not need playing with.
  • Work with nature and not against it, minimising our impact on the planet.

If you are handy in the kitchen, you’d be a fool not to visit their website which has a collection of delicious recipes for you try at home. Maybe give their Honey Tart a go!

Don’t panic if you’re better with a knife and fork than a rolling pin and wooden spoon because they cater meals for the whole day to offices all around London. Whatever time of day it is, Honey and Thyme have it covered…


For Breakfast, why not try their artisan pastries - order for just over 50ppl and get delivery free!


For a light Lunch, you can order these fresh eco-salads for a guilt free afternoon.


For a Friday Feast, you can’t go wrong with their Chicken Chorizo hotpot - a true winter warmer!


All these packages from Honey and Thyme are available for you and your team with 10% off this week only. Use code THYME to get your discount at the checkout.