Food Provenance (Part 1) - Introduction

In the world of the large corporations, we hear endlessly about their efforts (whether they are true or not) to reduce their food miles and to source locally aiding our national economy. How important is it to you personally that you source local produce, may that be for your personal shop or when using suppliers for your office lunches? It’s been shown that awareness of the origins of consumer’s purchases is often varying and in most cases people are open to further education. Over a series of blogs we will discuss the varied sources of produce and how you can better understand where you are buying from.


In this first post, we’d like to give you a brief overview of some of the key viewpoints about local sourced produce:

Food Quality

It is often perceived by consumers that buying local produce means better quality, often this is because the thought of ‘travelling’ food gives it time to go off. This might not be wrong but the more concerning matter is the use of chemical preservatives that keep the food from going off. Ever wondered why your market fruit and veg might not last as long – this is why. The debate around which ingredients make better food may be up for debate but its impact to the wider environment is not really up for discussion.

Local means expensive

Consumers often also believe that buying local produce is more expensive, particularly in the new generation of under-25s. This may be because simply the access to cheap, more ethically unfriendly sourced products available in the large supermarkets are priced so low or simply because they have a lack of awareness about buying from local traders. We believe at the heart of finding a good price in regards to quality means not sacrificing your integrity on where food has come from and getting involved as much as possible with your local tradespeople.

Positive influence

Undeniably, it has been shown that people feel positively about buying local whether that be from a restaurant that promotes local sourcing or when buying personal shopping. Again this truth is stronger in the older generation which puts a huge responsibility on all of us to encourage the new generation about the importance of food provenance.


City Pantry encourages buying local produce and many of the vendors we offer available on our website follow our same ethos. Speak to us today for more information on the produce supplied by our vendors.


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