Vendor of the Week: Galbi Bros

At the heart of every great street food concept is an ambitious pair who found each other through making parody youtube videos – well not exactly! That was the case however for the Galbi Bros, our vendor of the week. Now I know you’re asking – what was the video? Well if you want to see it you can view it here.

Hanbit and Moses met at University and for the training lawyer and mathematician who set their sights on traditional careers how were they to know that the creation of this parody Gangnam video would actually prove to be the beginning of friendship which would become also a working partnership. Having shot the video, the pair realised both their shared passion for filmmaking as well as for Korean food. While making films remains a hobby and the spirit of the Gangnam videos live on their cooking they decided the best way to move forward was to start a unique street food business which serves the finest Korean BBQ burgers.

image (2)

Proud to both be ambassadors for Korean food which represents their traditions as Koreans themselves and also as pioneers for great fusion food, Galbi Bros are both distinguishable in taste and flavour. The fusion brings together the traditional marinated beef or pork recipes and in a more Western fashion puts this in a bread which complements its flavour whilst making it more accessible to serve. While Korean fusion has been something erupting in the US only recently has it been getting noticed in the UK and these guys are truly leading the way. You’d be foolish not to try their flagship burger named the Invincible Admiral Yi Burger which is a combination of a beef and pork burger which serves to act as a complimenting pair much like a burger served with delicious salty bacon.

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The brothers can be a hard pair to track down but look closely round the east side of London and you’ll probably find them. Normally serving the city dweller on Thursdays and Fridays setting up base at Tower 42 near Liverpool St and then feeding the street food fanatics at Urban Food Fest based on Shoreditch High Street on Saturdays. If finding them isn’t easy enough though why not have your Galbi Bros. order delivered to you and your colleagues, friends or family.

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