Central Station, New York

As part of my travels to the Big Apple, I intended to see all the iconic landmarks which included Central Station which I had only over previously laid eyes upon during major Hollywood blockbusters. While Kings Cross St Pancreas has all the makings of what could be a landmark for London, there is something quite unique and awe-inspiring about the grandeur of the world's largest single railway stations. With chandeliers hanging and authentic ticket booths surrounding the main concourse, it feels as if you are stepping back in time with the history of travellers gone by all around you.


Unlike the usual surrounding food vendors you might find at your standard train station, Grand Central Station houses its own food court which in it's own right is well worth a visit. For anyone travelling through the station who'd be wishing to get a flavour of New York's street food they'd also be pleasantly surprised that you can get hold of such fine eats without stepping too far away from their platform.

Early mornings require fine coffee so if you're dropping off between connecting trains, stop by 'Irving's Farm Coffee Roasters'. With a central spot in the food hall, it's a nice place to stop, enjoy a brew and watch the world go by while waiting.


Need something on the move, 'Frankie's Dogs on the go' might have hit the spot if you're dashing for a train and only got one hand to spare.


If you've got a bit more time to kill, you might find some fine dining at the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant takes your fancy or you could even do some grocery shopping at the Central Station Market housing some delicious fresh produce including the most amazing range of spices.


It seems like this is only the start of Grand Central Stations plan to become a hub for the city as further proposals have been written and considered for the introduction of further fine dining restaurants to be placed inside the station.

If taking a trip to New York be sure not to stop at the sandwich shop before jumping on your train and make time for making the most of what this amazing station has to offer.