The Boathouse, New York

To celebrate what was seemingly a very fast week spent in New York City, we saw it fitting to eat out at the single most iconic destination in the area, Central Park. Here amongst the vast greenery is a restaurant, housed in a magnificent build against the water - the 'Boathouse' is a very popular location for those looking for a fantastic dining experience or often used in celebration because of its incredible setting.

Naturally, the Central Park Loeb Boathouse as it is fully named did not originally start as a restaurant but was in fact the storage place for the growing river boating trade as locals and tourists alike would want to take out romantic rowing boats onto the lake. In the 1950's, the building fell into disrepair and fortunately funded by investment banker and philanthropist Carl M. Loeb, it was returned to its grand state perhaps even more magnificent with the introduction of this landmark restaurant as of 1954.


After trekking through Central Park to find the restaurant, this being no fault of the maps but my poor sense of direction you are met with a quite unconcerning frontage. However, once you step inside and move through the front entrance hall you are then met with the grandeur of the main restaurant which overlooks the lake. Undoubtedly one of the most picturesque spots I've ever eaten. The decor, particularly around the cosy bar is quintessentially American chic and you can feel the history of the place dated back to the 50's. Perfect for events or parties, there was a wedding reception being held at the far end of the restaurant which looked truly spectacular.


In regards to the food, neither here was it lacking. As you can imagine you shouldn't expect a cheap meal but you'll certainly get what you pay for. Always easily impressed - the bread selection brought around was excellent, particularly delicious were the fruit breads. I ordered the highly recommended crab cake to start which was a highlight of the meal - with no sign of substituting its contents with potato, this was packed full of only the most delightful crab meat which could have literally just been pulled from the water - deliciously fresh. To follow, I had the pork chops which were equally tasty with a nice saltiness to the meat which only American food seems to master and as for portions, for a more fine dining experience they don't hold back, which I appreciate. With an array of desserts which took my fancy (unusual for me to say) the caramel salted peanut tart won the battle and it was truly epic!

Expect to pay between $35-45 per head to eat if you ever get the chance to visit and that might be before your wine choice which can considerably raise the price of the meal. This aside, I wouldn't question eating here again as the combination of service, food and setting, this restaurant is stand out and a must visit destination if visiting New York.