Halloween Dinner Party Ideas: 2014

Sometimes venturing out for a Halloween event can be more tiring and stressful than it’s worth let alone expensive! Saying this, we don’t suggest you hang up your cape and leave your fangs by the sink for another year, we’re suggesting an alternative to spice up your night. Hosting an evening with friends is the perfect opportunity to catch up with people and how better to remind them how fun you are than donning your favourite costume and giving them the fright night they deserve. We know it’s nearby so follow our simple steps to organising a Halloween dinner party this week.

What you need to do:

Send an Invite

Easily done - go online and find yourself an ‘e-invite’, simply find your scary template, add your guests names and emails and leave them a message telling them where and when your hosting your evening of terrors.


Arrange the food (Ordered from City Pantry)

This is where we come in – why not make life easier for yourself and spare on prepping all that food. The guests will bring the drinks and it will leave you time to crack on with dressing up your place, lantern pumpkins an all.


Perhaps try our Ghoulish Pumpkin package which serves up a delicious roast chicken salad alongside a warming pumpkin soup.


Alternatively, serve some meat on the bone to show your flesh harvest from your night as Count Drack. Some of these BBQ chicken wings might do the trick.


If you think you’ll be craving a sweet tooth and you won’t have had the trick or treaters round to visit yet, it might be worth making sure you’ve got some gooey delights for afters just in case.


Dress yourself and your place

So while our vendors are doing the hard work, cooking up a storm and delivering to your guests just in time for the night you can prep your place with candlesticks, cobwebs and decorations to suit. Finally don’t forget to throw on your finest Halloween attire and you’re ready.