Weekend Sweet Spots for #ChocolateWeek

Winter has arrived and darkness is setting in early, meaning our need for the occasional comfort eat is growing and we're always on our look out for the next sweet fix. Well not to worry…. we have a plenty of suggestions on where to get gluttonous all in aid of #ChocolateWeek. It couldn’t have come at a better time as the nights draw in and the need for sugar to wade off the gloomy days rises. So take this week as a reason to indulge and put on the warming winter weight.

We've got a great list of incredible chocolate vendors including the Bad Brownie Company, TeaAmerica and the Urban Team Rooms but if you have to venture out to see what else is out there here is our list of the best sweet spots you could visit this weekend:

Salon Du Chocolat

The Salon Du Chocolat London show features some of the best chocolatiers and chocolate companies around. Exhibitors include Chococo, Melt, Hotel Chocolat, Artisan du Chocolat, Paul a Young, Rococo. It's not just famous names from Britain that you can expect to see at this year's Chocolate Unwrapped as visitors from France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Holland, Grenada, Ecuador and Germany will also be on hand to let you sample their wares. Special events include the chance to hear about the cocoa plantations which provide us with our beloved sweet treat and there is even a display of chocolate art.

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Benito’s Hat

The restaurant that thinks Chocolate for desserts is the wimp’s option. Why not got the whole hog and have it in every course. To celebrate in style, this Mexican restaurant is offering its punters the chance to eat three courses of which everyone has chocolate in it. At only £15.95 for the full shebang you’ll get to chow down on their famous choc-burrito and chocolate brownie. You have been warned though – portions are served Mexican style – generously!

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Volupte Cocktails

For those who would rather have the liquid dinner option, Cabaret supperclub Volupte have concocted two cocktails for this special occasion. You might want to try their Chocolate Velvet martini or the Volupte Sindae – here’s a peak at the special recipe:


7.5ml Clement Creole Shrubb

30ml El Dorado 12 yr

25ml Mozart Dark Chocolate Liquer

5ml Cinnamon Syrup

5ml Orgeat

10ml Espresso.

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If you don't fancy heading out this weekend but want to get your sweet tooth satisfied head to out website and order today here.