“We are a café, a restaurant, a street kitchen, a supper club & occasional disco….”



The mighty ‘Caboose’ run by three chaps who love ‘finger-licking’ good food set up shop in 2013 to serve the punters of brick lane with some of the finest British meaty fare around the block. The name somewhat unusual actually stands for ‘a manned American or Canadian rail transport vehicle couple at the end of the freight train’ and while I don’t fancy myself a train spotter, this was a carriage I’m glad I caught sight of. It’s not quite decided what it is but it sits somewhere nicely between a street food stall and a cosy restaurant – for sure it’s the best of both!


What we do know about our friendly trio, James x 2 and Gandalf, is that they are very particular about their produce. Both provenance and sustainability is important to these guys hence why they went about extensive research, trawling local farms before deciding on the source of their meat. This not only ensured that they kept their hearty fare British but ethically sourced and free range. Each of Caboose’s meats are rubbed down in spices and marinated for at least 12 hours before being smoked and slow cooked, ensuring that its flavour is enriched and served to its full potential.

The Caboose trio’s love for slow cooked meat has stemmed from their times spent travelling through the southern states of America and their menu reflects this, with a range of ever-changing authentic recipes served up with a British twist. Normally served in the box or in the brioche bun, sweet pulled pork belly or shredded beef complimented with traditional ‘ranch slaw’ make for combinations to die for.

You can find the chaps at The Old Truman Brewery, Ely’s Yard, Brick Lane. Open daily to serve street food from the hatch or count yourself lucky and you might catch a seat in the carriage

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