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15 of the best gluten-free friendly restaurants in London

Go against the grain with our guide to London's gluten-free scene. 

Whether you’ve been doing it for some time or you’re still relatively new to the diet - being gluten free isn't easy. 

It can play havoc with your health. Your options are limited. And menus turn into minefields. 

So if you're coeliac, intolerant or otherwise, we're making it easier than ever to be gluten free in the capital. These are the best gluten-free friendly restaurants in London - and as a bonus - they're all available to order from City Pantry, so you can skip the lunch rush entirely. 

Monty's Deli

monty's deli gluten free london restaurant

Serving up the best reuben and salt beef sandwiches in the whole of London, Monty’s Deli has become a cult name worth knowing ever since its making at Maltby Street Market back in 2012. And to make sure you'll never miss out on their incredible Jewish soul food no matter your diets or allergies, Monty's Deli offer a gluten-free version of every single one of their legendary sandwiches. 

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Farmstand gluten free friendly London

Taking its name from the roadside 'farm stalls' commonplace in America's Midwest, Farmstand is all about sustainable and seasonable food that doesn't cost the earth. Their entire menu is also 100% gluten and dairy free - meaning you can go wild on salad boxes bursting with veg, fish and beautifully marinated meats. And if you need a morning pick me up at the office, Farmstand even perfects a coeliac's breakfast with gluten-free porridges and yoghurts to get stuck into. 

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Voodoo Ray's 

voodoo rays pizza

The most impressive thing about Voodoo Ray's? Maybe it's the way two pizza slices make up the equivalent of an 11-inch pizza. Maybe it's the downright outrageous flavour combinations. Or maybe it's the way they've managed to create gluten-free pizzas that are just as good as the originals. Using a specially-made gluten-free dough, Voodoo Ray's offer a 10-inch version of the Queen Vegan and Ray's Margherita without gluten to satisfy those pizza cravings. And if you ask us - we recommend sticking with the classics and getting the Margherita - it's one of the best Margherita's in London

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Floris Bakery

floris bakery1

Being gluten-free doesn't mean cakes, pastries and all things sweet are a thing of the past, and Hackney's Floris Bakery are making sure of that. One of the few completely gluten and wheat-free bakeries in the capital, the geniuses at Floris Bakery serve up anything and everything you could imagine - and somehow make it gluten-free. We're talking sausage rolls, eclairs and even a range of sweet custard doughnuts so good they're guaranteed to make you cry happy tears. We're not kidding. 

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Pieminister gluten free friendly London

Let's face it, a pie lives and dies on the quality of the pastry, and that makes gluten-free pies a tricky enterprise. But if anyone can pull off a pie with gluten-free flour? It's Pieminister. They've taken their three most popular pies - the Moo, the Heidi and the Ranger - kept the hearty, warming flavours and made them fit for your gluten-free diet. And to taste just how delicious the Pieminister pies are - start with the Moo. A steak and ale pie made with gluten-free craft ale, the wholesome gravy inside the pie turns the pastry from good into great. 

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Twisted London

44853189_342603673235077_6342053451867355798_n (1)

If you're a burger lover in London, you probably know all about Twisted London already. Bringing incredible mouthwatering creations to life on their menu, the guys at Twisted really know their way around a burger. And because they didn't want to leave all their gluten-free friends out, Twisted made it an option to encase their juicy burgers in totally gluten-free buns. So choose from the Hot Swayzee, the Money Shot or their to-die-for Hashtag burger. You won't be disappointed. 

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bird restaurants

The best chicken shop in London? Maybe. The best gluten-free fried chicken in London? Most definitely. The chicken at BIRD is succulent, crispy and yes, completely gluten-free. Prepared and cooked in a separate area of the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination, every last piece of chicken at BIRD is coated in gluten-free flour, which means you can eat all the wings and drumsticks your gluten-avoiding heart desires. 

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Yeotown Kitchen 

Yeotown kitchen gluten free friendly London

Although still tweaking and perfecting their gluten-free burger buns, Yeotown Kitchen offers a strong gluten-free menu with loads of dishes to choose from. An extension of Yeotown, a popular Devon-based wellness brand, you can get overnight oats to vibrant salads to rice paper wraps or thai curries. Plus, Yeotown Kitchen's comprehensive selection of life-affirming smoothies and boosters – spiked with adaptogens, collagen and algae – make more than worthy accompaniments.

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Crussh gluten free friendly restaurant London

The wraps may be off the table for our coeliac friends, but every breakfast, super salad and sweet treat from Crussh should definitely be on your gluten-free table. London's original healthy food retailer, and with more than 30 stores across the city serving up easy to digest meals for your breakfast or lunch, Crussh deserves to be one of your new favourite haunts. 

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leon group gluten free friendly restaurant London

Leon pride themselves on a whole range of gluten-free options, which includes every last one of their delicious hot boxes being gluten-free. But the ultimate test will always be the chicken nugget. And Leon have nailed it with their GFC. Tender and juicy, these golden nuggets aren’t just the best gluten-free chicken nuggets in London. They might just be the best chicken nuggets in London.

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Meringue Girls

Meringue Girls gluten free friendly London

Soon to be your go-to girls for delicious, delectable and gluten-free sweet treats, Meringue Girls specialise in - you guessed it - meringue kisses. Founded back in 2012 to provide gluten-free alternatives to the cupcake trend, the meringues from Meringue Girls are crispy on the outside, mallowy in the middle, and made with natural colours and flavours. And the best bit? Their Instagram-perfect rainbow kisses don't have a single grain in sight. 

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Pearl & Groove

Pearl & Groove gluten free london

With gluten free, sugar free and dairy-free cakes on offer, you can have your gluten-free cake and eat it at Pearl & Groove. Using ground almonds instead of flour to make the magic happen, Serena Whitefield's cafe is a safe haven for those with an intolerance as well as a sweet tooth. And with cakes that look and taste this good, your sweet tooth won't even notice the difference. 

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Aprés Food Co 


Having developed their own gluten-free flour blend, Aprés Food Co have set out to redefine comfort food with a healthy spin. Beyond a sterling selection of baked goods - including brownies, bakewell tarts and standout banana bread - expect to find curries, hashs, risottos and an Aprés cooked breakfast on a menu that's as downright delicious and nutritious as it gets. 

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Cupcakes & Shhht

Cupcakes & Shhht gluten free london

Serving a selection of vegan and gluten-free cupcakes, cakes, brownies, fudge and cookies, there's no shhht in the sweet stuff at Cupcakes & Shhht. Sourcing only the finest ingredients, all their products are as natural as possible. That means no artificial colours or flavours, but lots of deliciousness. 

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Boasting a menu almost entirely of gluten-free noodles, salads and rice bowls, Pho's Vietnamese street food deserves a spot on any gluten-free restaurant list. And with a packed out menu, you might need some tips on where to start. Well, you can't go wrong with Vietnam's national dish, and the namesake of this restaurant. An aromatic, nutritious and delicious rice noodle soup - our only advice with this dish? Don't hold back on the chilli. 

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Wish you could be tasting your way through all these gluten-free goodies? We can deliver every last one of these gluten-free friendly restaurants to your London office, all for the same price as going direct. And if you want to see all the gluten-free options we can deliver to your area?

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